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I stood in the ruins of the men’s room stall

Roy Garrett, poet and porn star, who you may remember from such films as Men Come First (1979), Boots and Saddles (1979), and HANDsome (1980) my Roy Garrett videography – Gay Erotic Video Index has him in Oil Rig 99, but I think that’s a mistake; Top Man I am unsure of, but included it

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Not sure if you are alerted to comments on posts as old as this one? I hope so, I thought of you via Roy when I found this on youtube — it’s the audio from a cassette that was advertised in Stallion magazine, Hot Rod To Hell, with Roy reading his (often erotic) poetry like the quote on the side of the pic you posted here. And some background music by none other than Man Parrish. The second link below is to a picture I took of the ad, not exactly sure which Stallion this is from, I didn’t note the issue number or year when I took the pic. It’s either December 82, April 83 or July 83 because those are the three Stallions I have in storage. Anyway give it a listen sometime, I think you’ll like it too — or maybe you remember hearing it before?

oh yeah! I knew about the Dark Entries release, in fact, got a vinyl version of the release – but I thougth I posted about it! can’t find it anywhere, must be in the comments – but yeah, its amazing!

Agreed, I liked it too. I don’t have the Dark Entries release, just found the clip on youtube and realized I had snapped a pic of the ad from my old magazine. Dark Entries is who has been putting out the porn music Patrick Cowley did … and there is a rumour that a fourth album of some of Patrick’s unheard music might be out by the end of the year.

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