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getting chilly! time to pull out our (very stylish) sweaters

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Dear God, BJ! For the love of porn, please stop posting pictures from that ghastly, Ah Men catalog! What’s the point of showing ruggedly handsome, aggressively virile men, and making them look effete? I know they posed voluntarily, and hopefully, were paid well, but still. One blogger, hilariously referred to that catalog, as male lingerie. Both Bill Cable and Gordon Grant deserved better. You’re undermining their legacy.

you’re too funny! and while i agree the clothes are a bit silly, they still both have very handsome faces! and i just love that when “modeling” they can’t look at each other!

ha! now i have to go dig out a pic from The Other Side of Aspen! I recall they were much brighter, but equally as pleasing!

Estou revoltado com o comentario idiota do cidadao acima, criticando a foto.
Bill Cable e lindo ate usando roupa de astronauta.
Continue postando fotos dele. Adoro seu BLOG

I am disgusted with the comment above idiot citizen criticizing the photo.
Bill Cable and beautiful even wearing space suit.
Keep posting pictures of him. I love your BLOG

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