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Joe Markum in a field

I have no idea who his partner is here. And despite what many websites report, I am pretty sure Joe Markham/Joe Markum stopped doing porn in the mid to late 1970’s, not the 1980’s. Anyone know why, or what happened to him? I have to say my favorite film of his is Four More than Money – the only “talkie” of his I know of. Perhaps I should re-post that clip?

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I’d love to know what happened to him! One of the original west coast gay porn stars. I imagine he became persona non grata in the business after word got around that he was an SFPD informant, but would love to know if he is still around today!

Hey Casey:
I am writing this to you a bit after the initial post but this guy floors me~!
I always thought he was straight until I found a magazine with him in it getting a BJ from a guy, anyway he did a straight flick called “Cheating Wives”. A friend showed it to me when I was in school. I still have the VHS take if you want a copy. Chip

I’m pretty sure this still is from “Wild in the Woods”. Thanks to your blog and other websites, I’ve really built up a deep appreciation for him in hindsight. He was a little before my time. You’re correct in saying that he quit making porn in the mid 70’s. It’s rather remarkable how many unheralded stars, there actually were during his period. When you mention the word vintage, a lot of viewers can only name Casey Donovan, Jack Wrangler, or Al Parker. So many others deserve recognition. A lot of the guys in silent loops, were pretty generic looking. But he was among the distinct number, who managed to stick out, no pun intended. As you’ve said, he was ruggedly handsome, virile, and playful. Not to mention, uninhibited. I have to admit though, it creeps me out that he made a loop with the Christy twins. Yuck! I’m not into incest porn. It’s great how he and others, have found a new visibility on so many porn tumblr sites.

Joe Markum was certainly memorable in the male films he made.

I wonder if he decided to move on to straight adult films in the late 1970’s. If anyone can verify (or deny) the following, please do so:

Joe (or someone who is sure a deadringer for him) teams ups with John Holmes, Marlene Munroe and Ronie Ross in the second scene of the 35mm adult movie theater feature “I Am Always Ready” – directed by Carlos Tobalina (as Troy Benny) released in 1979. This feature is available on the DVD titled “Carlos Tobalina Vol. 2 – I Am Always Ready and Ultimate Pleasure” from the Alpha Blue Archives video line. Joe is not listed on the film’s credits.

On the IAFD.COM database, the actor by the name of Angelo Rivera has six DVD listings for films from the late 1970’s and early 1980’s. “Deep Passage” (1978) features Angelo Rivera with Kyoto Sun. “Suzy Nero’s Fantasies” (1980) features Angelo with Susan Nero. Are Joe and Angelo Rivera the same person?

“Joe Markum” was the stage name of Angelo Maggio (1947 -2008) who was co-owner of the Pilsner bar in SF (still running) and was a big supporter of (and participant in) the gay sports league community in SF. The San Francisco Gay Softball League site has a biography of him.

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