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Dave Connors

Known mostly for his work in the early 80’s – actually all released around 1984 – One in a Billion, Boys in the Sand 2, One, Two, Three…, and of course my favorite of his, the hypnotic The Biggest One I Ever Saw! This pic of Dave Connors is from 1979, probably not long after he did his first film, Dirt Bikes with Kyle Hazard and Ty Granger.

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Actually, I was disappointed with his scene with Glenn Steers in “…Billion”. Two of the handsomest, ‘biggest’ guys in porn at that time, that scene should have sizzled, rather than just simmer away…

Yes, it should have gone further. I do see your point, tho on the same token, it didn’t disappoint. It was suboptimal at worst.

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