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I guess the Liquid Plumber wasn’t working – Scott Avery gets his drain cleaned out by plumber Michael Christopher – 1984

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Not really a great film, is it? It’s one of the handful of films, Christopher did on video. “Coverboy” not withstanding, it’s remarkable how many films he made within a three year span (1983-1985), that were memorable. I have such a soft spot for him in my heart. It hurts me when viewers claim he’s ugly. Fortunately, his fans far outnumber his detractors. He’s on endless Tumblr sites. I find it interesting, that it took you a while to warm up to him. I’m not too crazy about the fact that he lightened his hair in this picture, but at least he has a decent haircut. I think he looks great. I also love that golden hottie, Scott Avery. I usually don’t care for tattoos, but I admit the dolphin one that he has on his loin, is rather endearing.

not likely, but don’t really remember it. My notes from the 80 minute version is that the scene is good if you are into these two, as it’s a 32-minute scene! pretty unusually for the era to have such a long one-on-one.

Michael Christopher was always a more than reliable top. Very masculine and dominant. He was hot as hell in a dumb stud sort of way, and a great driller.

Scott Avery (to me) came off as a prissy bottom who really needed to be taught a lesson, and Michael Christopher was the right one to do that. It’s a great pairing.

Neither of these late 1970s – late 1980s actors come up in those video dedications to the many gay porn stars who lost their lives in the 80s and 90s, so I hope they were able to move on and live happy lives. They provided my generation a lot of pleasure.

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