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Lee Ryder

Lee Ryder, who you may remember from such films as Spokes, Screen Play, A Few Good Men, Hot City Streets from the collection HUGE, The Biggest One I Ever Saw! and 2 X 10, shown below with Joel Curry who fantasizes about getting topped by Ryder when Ryder drops by to pick up some plans.

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BJ, thanx a thousand for these awesome pics of the beautiful Lee Ryder aka Darras Robert Pyron. I have not yet seen “2 x 10”, and you have given me the impetus to watch it tonight, if I can find the movie online. xoxo, Ian

Hey guyz: Does anyone have any ‘the biggest one I ever saw” stories to share. Mine involved one of my first xperiences in a gay bookstore, in which I observed a humongous cock cum through the glory hole. It was so long that I could easily wrap one hand around it and still see the shroom. Later, I ran into the blonde headed guy out in the open area of the bookstore, and he was going about bragging on his big cock and guys he had fucked with big or bigger cocks. He said his cock was 10 inches, and that was about right! Best, Ian

There are two that come to mind. One was a cafe au lait hued black man with an enormous uncut Prick at the Continental Baths in NYC when I was 18. In the ‘Dormitory’, the big orgy room. I suddenly discovered it, and the guy who’d been sucking it then said to him “Oh baby, it’s beautiful, let him have it”, and I immediately sucked him all the way off and drank the delicious come. That would have been about 1970. Golden coffee-coloured and sumptuous. About 11 inches.

The other was a Norwegian guy named Olav living near me that I met in about 1978 at the old West Street piers, he had the most ravishing basket I’ve ever seen, with huge balls and an ineffable cloud of pubic hair, and I sucked him awhile and then he came home with me and I fucked him. Muscular and handsome, but slightly and attractively slightly sissy. He was about 10 inches uncut, it was the Crotch of Dreams. We planned to get together again several times, but were both practising bisexuals at the time, and there were conflicts.

Both Pricks were incredibly fat as well. And they’ve had plenty of competition, including a 24yo who fucked me 4 times when I was 57 who was o fat inches, and gave me such pleasure I briefly thought I’d turned into Michelle Pfeiffer.

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