Boys of Venice

Excuse the quality, and wish I had a longer clip of this scene, but love the music Erotic Drum Band’s Action ’78 ) and love how Emanuelle Bravos seduces Kip Noll – basically the ol’ crotch grab – and who can resist tight white levi’s?

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oh no! I actually have it on, and am wondering where Munich Machine’s Lighter Shade of Pale comes in, thought it was at the beginning of the film. Now I wanna know what’s the music during the Derrick Stanton/Eric Ryan bathroom/rollerskate scene!

Based on the type of music you have mentioned liking, I assume you aren’t talking about the muzak playing during the blowjob scene, but rather the disco song once they start fucking. I don’t have a smartphone, but I have heard about a couple of apps that will try to identify songs based on a snippet of the recording or someone humming a part of it. Shazam is one of them (can’t recall the other one?), not sure if that is an option for trying to figure it out. I think it sounds familiar to me, but that may just be from watching that scene a number of times.

I think the version you linked to is 5 minutes shorter than the original – at least my notes show the original at 72 minutes, and over here, they say the same thing – – and now I can’t find my VHS copy! My guess is the cut the intro, which featured Whiter Shade of Pale, and if memory serve me, a lot of roller skating around Venice Beach. Anyone have the VHS who can check? (and possibly the earlier DVD’s might have the full intro)

The version at the link has both Channel 1 and Catalina ads at the very beginning of the film. At about 2:10 into it, it says that it is the 30th anniversary remastered edit of the film, so 2009 I guess, and something about the credits seem like they are different than what originally appeared on the VHS. They look more modern, kind of Catalina-like, you know? I used to have a version of that film that I tape-to-taped from another VCR but I don’t know if it’s accessible now, or how much I might have trimmed when I taped it. My guess is that the original intro did have different credits, so maybe that’s the song you remember.

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