who put this cowboy in jail???

Al Parker

Rock Hard Places

(edit: from – Rocks and Hard Places – 1978)

90's porn

Sex Crimes

You don’t see a lot of 90’s porn here at BJLAND, but both these men are pretty darn hot. Pic is from a Stroke magazine I sold some time ago, but I kept a few scans of Steve Regis and Phil Bradley getting it on in scene from the 1993 video, Sex Crimes.

"vintage" porn stars

Johnny Kovacs

you may remember him from such films as: Le Voyeur (he gets topped in this one, I think), Centurians of Rome, (must be a group scene?) Head Waiter, Pier Groups, and of course Killing Me Softly. Check out the Killing Me Softly movie trailer – this is the one where Kovacs gets f*cked, then strangled with a jockstrap on the Brooklyn Bridge. Another favorite of mine is Pier Groups – he plays a straight guy wandering around the notorious West Side Piers while guys have sex all around him, and he never joins in!


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