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Bill Young

or Big Bill Eld

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With me, it always starts with the face. That’s why I can’t describe myself a “size queen”, though I always appreciate a nice looking dick, as much as the next queer. Bill Eld has always been a mixed bag for me. In his photos for Colt, this one included, he actually looks quite handsome. His eyes don’t look so glassy, his hair is neat, and his body seems especially ripped. Jim French photographs him quite lovingly. This one picture is easily my favorite:

In other pictures, he can look pretty ghastly. No doubt, his drug use would make his body so skinny; it would accentuate his door-knob navel. Sometimes his haircut was also pretty ghastly as well.

I, as vintage lover, appreciate that you bring him up. Some porn viewers could easily get the impression that between the period of Casey Donovan and Jack Wrangler, there were no real gay porn stars. One mustn’t forget Joe Markum, Jim Cassidy, Dakota, Jimmy Hughes, Steve Boyd, Phillip and Michael, etc.

I was wondering if he was the first gay-for-pay performer, but then I remembered John Holmes. He also was trade, in the few gay porn flicks he made. I take it you’re not fan. I don’t recall you posting anything about him. Lots of homo viewers look at him as an icon, despite the fact that Holmes was straight.

I’m fascinated that Bill Eld and Ray Fuller, another very vintage dude, started out as “physique” models. I don’t think you’re a fan of Fuller either. Was “The Destroying Angel” the only talkie for Eld? I remember that his voice was low and flat. This article about the story of Bill Eld is fascinating. I know you’ve read it before:

I have long been a devotee of Bill Eld, and would appreciate your staging an extravanagza in his honor, re-publishing each and every photo you can muster of his magnificence.

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