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Great picture – I have an inner resentment toward gay porn stars that only do trade. Yet try as I can to fight it, one can’t deny that Tico Patterson was smokin’ hot. Paul Barresi has the same effect on me. I think Tico is irredeemably trashy. I know you’ve seen the pictures of him where he’s smoking a doobie. In his “physique” pictures, he really shows an exhibitionistic streak. You just know that he loves showing his dick and butt hole to the camera.

As I’ve said before, I see many parallels with Barry (Hoffman). Both of them started out in “physique” magazines when they were very young. They’re both shady looking. They both only played trade in gay porn. They both posed for the same magazines like AMG and Old Reliable. I wonder if Patterson, like Barry Hoffman, ever did time in prison. I wouldn’t be surprised if he did.

My favorite picture of his has got to be 1985’s “Faces”. Have you ever seen it? Patterson plays a stripper who dances on a bar. He fucks Rich Parsons on the bar in front of everyone. It’s pretty hot. Rich Parsons/Arturo Bardewyck was a hot, hunky, South American butt slut.

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