"vintage" porn stars

Jon King + ?

help me out here, don’t know who his partners are in these pics (edit: I think #1 is Brad Mason, no?)

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Yes, the first picture is definitely Brad Mason. I wish he didn’t get grungy looking, later on. I think he looks his best in “Once In A Billion” where he’s clean shaven, and has short hair. Then he looked downright cute. The second picture is from “Brothers Should Do It” with Jamie Wingo.

he has the same tattoo as the pic above . thank you for all your pics and info. i love looking back at all the handsome fellas! with their original body hair and everything natural!

The GAY VINTAGE PORN still turns me on – and, I believe, is still the very BEST !!! Thanks for your faithful service posting these for us, your HORNY followers!

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