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Steve Taylor & Will Seagers

Weekend Lockup

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Wow, I must say, I’ve never seen this picture before, and believe me, I’ve looked through hundreds of porn magazines, and more currently, tumblr sites. I really have to give you credit. You did some major excavating, and so quickly! Where did you find this? Who knew, there were so many pictures from “Weekend Lockup” that existed? And yes, it’s one of the rare pictures of Scott Taylor, where he’s fully facing the camera. I still think the solo glamour shot from GEVI, which I mentioned in the post below, is sexier. And no, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with how his waist is photographed.

Both Taylor and Seagers look great here. I can understand your preference for when porn was photographed on film. As I’ve said, constantly before, right before video came about, was really a golden period for macho porn.

I do some considerable posting on Atkol Forums. So that’s why I go through so many tumblr sites for ideas. Isn’t Tumblr wonderful?! I’m always on the lookout, for great pictures of my favorite porn stars, either in action, or in great solo glamour shots. For solos, I always want to find at least one dick shot, and one ass shot, for any of my favorite stars. That’s why I also come here. No doubt, someone will “appropriate” (i.e. steal) this image for Tumblr. Hey, anything’s fair game, right?

I have no trouble finding vintage pictures from before video. But somehow, pictures from the video age, especially during the 90’s, are rather hard to discover. I just wish, so many tumblr sites, weren’t clogged up with so many photos of selfies, gifs, celebrity fakes, and more egregiously, pictures that were “enhanced” or tampered with. For example, giving Gordon Grant a mustache! How dare they?! Such vandals should be imprisoned! ; )

Oops! I just realized, you made me repeat your error! I’m still sleepy. I just got up. I must remember: STEVE TAYLOR is the porn star linked to Al Parker! STEVE SCOTT is the great porn director, mostly for Surge Studio! And SCOTT TAYLOR (yes I agree, he was hot looking), was the freaky, creepy, solo performer! GOT THAT! : )

ha! and i was consciously aware of all that, and still mixed up the names. The fact that they 3 are all revolving around Al makes it hard to keep straight. I think Scott Taylor early stuff was quite good; there was no need for him to go into pumping and all that stuff later.

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