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Halsted Out West

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Fantastic, BJ! When you have rare posts like this, is when I really must salute you! I can’t think of anyone else on the internet, who‘s doing so much to keep Halsted’s legacy alive. Are there any other pictures of him, which you haven’t posted?

What a great picture, huh?! What great attention, made to detail and verisimilitude. I know I’ve seen this take-off either in Blueboy, Numbers, Mandate, Honcho, or Torso. How I lament the death of gay porn magazines.

The guy on the left is rugged and handsome, but he looks too obviously like a fashion model. The whole picture looks too glossy. It’s ironic, that the gay parody actually looks more authentic and virile, than the original subject. Aside from being movie-star handsome, Halsted looks so right, in a cowboy hat.

I know it ain’t PC to say this, but I remember reading a quote that described him as being, “the most straight -looking man in gay porn”. I personally think that both Fred Halsted and Gordon Grant were the most aggressively virile looking men, to have ever appeared in all-male porn. I know that many viewers know or remember Grant, but I’m not so sure about Halsted. That’s why I especially appreciate what you do.

As I’ve said before, director Steve Scott was quoted as saying that Halsted had, “so much magnetism it leaped off the screen and knocked you out of your seat.” It’s too bad that he never directed him in a movie. But then again, Halsted was notoriously difficult to work with.

I do wish that he would have made more films in his prime. I also wish that Jim French would have photographed him for Colt. The pictures that Halsted did for Target, don’t really do full justice to his handsomeness. Did you know that Halsted wanted to portray Harlan Brown, in the screen version of “The Front Runner’?

Okay, I better shut up now. The subject of Halsted always makes me babble. Once again, let me sincerely thank you. I feel confident in knowing, that if another great picture of him exists, you’ll eventually post it. “Cosco: Damn Good Men”. Indeed! (GQ ain’t bad either.) ; )

wait, what???? “The pictures that Halsted did for Target”??????????????????????????????? I DEMAND PROOF!!

Sorry, I know this is VERY late, but I figured you needed reminding. Your memory isn’t exactly steel-trapped! : )

I did post one of these pictures before. Here are two pictures that Fred Halsted did for Target’s “Ramrod #4: Leathermania”. I wish he wasn’t wearing shades! Notice his appendectomy scar. I wish he would have posed for Colt. : (

This one I posted before:

This one is in black and white. It comes via courtesy of Vint70s-Lvr. Once again, congratulations Vint – so glad your site is back! : )

I have other pictures of the divine Mr. Halsted, but that will have to be for later! When will I ever catch up?! : /

To quote Marvin Gaye, “Mercy, mercy me!”

; )

yes dear… yes dear….

blah blah blah HALSTED blah blah blah HALSTED

was saving for a “motorcycle” themed post, but yes dear, i DO listen…

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