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I’ve read you talking about the Bijou in Chicago, when it was open (I still can’t believe it actually closed after all this time). Did you ever venture upstairs into gloryhole land? That was an experience, for sure.

oh my – 6 years later I’ll answer – yes, oh yes. spent quite a bit of time there when home from college.

No worries, I won’t wait six years to reply back though ;) I had to drive hours to get there in the late 80s and early 90s, but when I did it was a highlight of my visits to the windy city. Last time I was there was probably right around 2000 I think…

I was just telling somebody about a few of my adventures in the glory hole theme park upstairs. One night I went, it was really hot and humid even late when I got there, and a guy walked in just ahead of me wearing skimpy jogging shorts and a tank top, blond and fit, nice bulge up front, cute butt and very sexy to me. It didn’t take me long to find him upstairs and we went into opposing booths separated by a chain link fence, it was very interesting sucking him and watching him do the same to me through the diamond shaped openings, even if some of them were a little rusty. We later met a third guy at the smaller theatre upstairs, all the way down towards the front of the building and right in front of what I think was some kind of a mock jail cell? No seats there, you had to stand either agaionst the wall or in these standing booths. Anyway we attracted a crowd just kissing, groping and sucking each other, and wound up going to the new guy’s apartment near the lake, I may have been invited primarily since I was the only one with a car. Good times.

Pic #8 above, smaller size image with a brown haired guy sucking the upward arcing dick protruding through a wood hole and trailing some spit behind … any idea the source for that? I think that’s one of the first images I ever saved to my first computer, when I realized I could do that, and have always wondered who either of them were or what it’s from. Doesn’t look too vintage, esp. compared to the multiple Wrangler pics above and some others.

alas – no idea who #8 is, and I am sure you are right it is not “vintage”

I think the chain link fence, and other accoutrements of that sort were added years after I moved to NYC – my Bijou years were pretty much 1979-1983 (last year of high school, into college).

but chain link fence – sure – I’d stick my cock through that!

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