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green acres

Manpower No. 3 (1971)

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Oy vey, BJ! : /

Did you really need to post this Colt picture, of Ken Sprague aka Dakota? It’s easily his worst photo ever! He doesn’t even look good here – so unflattering! : (

Jim French really was asleep at the wheel – what happened?!

The color photography really emphasizes the fact, that his nipples were darkened – so ridiculous! They look like pasties! He might as well, should be wearing a G-string! : /

It’s such a shame, since he usually looks like a god – stunning! Apollo, to be exact – so luminous, powerful, and sunny – endless charm! : 0

Let me do some damage control, by posting another color cowboy picture, where he actually looks very sexy and amusing! : )

Yes, the nipple still looks silly! But not as much, since he’s photographed from a more, discreet distance. This has camp appeal! But it’s the difference between low camp, and high camp! : )

While we’re on the subject of Dakota in color, let me also post my favorite glamour shot of his! What a profile, and that kilowatt smile! I just ADORE him! : )

He really rocks a tank top! I love the detail, that his back and shoulders, are as wide as a Buick!

Can’t forget, the booty shot!

Nice dick!

Such a BIG, warm hunk! He’s got big muscles, big ears, big thighs, big eyes, a big chest, a big jaw, a big rump, a big dick, and a big smile!

*SIGH* I only hope, that he also has a big heart! : )

Gush! Gush! Gush! XXXOOO

With apologies to George and Ira Gershwin:

“I’ve got a crush on Dakota; ain’t no lie.
All the day and nighttime, hear me sigh.
I never had the least notion.
That I could fall with, such emotion.”

“Could you coo, could you care?
For a cunning water bed, we could share.
The world will pardon my mush.
‘Cause I’ve got a crush, my daddy, on you!”

I hope you and your readers, BJ, could stomach that! (“Bleah!”) LOL!

; )

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