Buckskin Bo’sun USN

Buckskin Bo’sun USN (1977? 1971?) – from Gay Erotic Video’s research: “This seventy-five minute oddity is the work of Edward Tayler, a black filmmaker and former marine, who decided to venture beyond the line where Mizer and Fontaine stopped, into the wild new world of hard core. Tayler worked on his chancey fantasy from 1967 through 1970. Post-dubbed by actors who made up their own dialogue, the film has an out-of-sync, cockamamie charm. Roger Chafee stars, along with a cast of eighteen unknowns – many of them skinny, unbarbered drifters – all clowning for the camera in a mixture of hand-me-down uniforms. They fumble through the sex, with Cornhusker’s Lotion substituting for real jism in half the money shots.”

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