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The Secret Tablets of Rama

The Secret Tablets of Rama (1983? – I don’t think so – I am confidant it must’ve been filmed earlier – update: Francisco says 1974, we’re going with 1974)

“The secret tablets of Rama reveal how sex was performed in past centuries. Each tablet reveals a new story.” – um. ok.

update: – music includes Rahks Port Said – Mohammed El Bakkar; Rhapsody In Blue – Deodato; Lunar Tune – Joao Donato;

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why am i revising a porno clip post? I stumbled upon this preview clip, wasn’t sure I had ever posted it, watched, was horrified by the (pet peeve alert) DIRTY DIRTY FEET! but intrigued by the soundtrack. So I added in the known tracks, and a pic of said feet.

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