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Wow, he actually seems a little tubby here. Hey BJ, I’ve been meaning to provide you with some information about this rogue, but I always got sidetracked. As far as I know, he’s only worked for Colt, and he’s only been identified as Tom.

He’s a little hard to pinpoint, because his looks tend to change. Sometimes he’s clean shaven, and his hair looks lighter, because it looks like it was bleached from the sun.

I always check out the tattoos he has on his shoulders and biceps, to verify it’s him. I think you might be familiar with Tom, because you’ve previously posted a few pictures.

Here’s a picture you posted from his 1973 loop with Ledermeister and Erron/Jeremy Brent, called “Breakdown!”

Here’s a hot publicity photo from that same loop, which Mandate magazine used for the cover of their April 1978 issue. Remember to look at his tattoos.

This Colt trio also appeared in “Pool”, where they cavort in a swimming pool (duh!). This loop is pretty cool, because it looks so casual and spontaneous. It’s like a home movie. There’s no natural audio.

At one point, Erron/Jeremy Brent sticks out his tongue at the camera. There’s also a lovely, fleeing moment, when “Tom” is seen, genuinely laughing. : )

Here’s a Colt photo that you posted, which show “Tom” and Stoner/Bill Cable, both nude. Once again, look at his tattoos. I would describe this image as being “suggestive” rather than “intimate”. As we both know, Stoner/Bill Cable never “crossed the line”, though he was gay-friendly.

Here’s another Colt picture of him; this time with Duke Benson. As you can see, Honcho magazine used this, for the cover of their August 1979 issue.

I wonder if “Tom”, was really a biker or into S & M? When he’s actually clothed, this bruiser seems to prefer leather and denim – black and blue. Get it? Black and blue, he’s a bruiser? Hey, I thought it was funny. : (

Anyway, here’s his profile on GEVI. Click on the right side picture icon, to get a clearer view of an image from above. Don’t forget to look at his tattoos.

Whew! My goodness, BJ! All this research is exhausting! I hope you appreciate all that I do for you! You should feel honored that I think you’re worth it! ; )

I can verify that the second picture is indeed the one you can find on page 21, of Drummer Magazine Issue #10, November 1976. Good thing his tattoos make him traceable. : )

I have to say that “Tom” from Colt, has really grown on me. : P

He really needs to be distinctly identified, as opposed to just being, “some guy’s butt”. ; )

Here’s the “butt guy”, wearing an Indian leather vest. LOL! (I hope these links work!)

He wasn’t a top tier porn star or model, but I now find him to be very appealing. I do think he looks his best with dark hair, as opposed to sun-bleached blond. I also think he looks a lot cuter, clean-shaven.

If only there were pictures of him clean-shaven, with dark hair.

Here’s another “suggestive” photo of him, which you posted with Stoner/Bill Cable.

Cable really looks unkempt here, but somehow, that works for him. I do hope that “Tom”, really wiped and cleaned his anus, before sitting on that armchair. It’s right up his crack!

I never heard of “California Scene” magazine. Have you? Thank you Buck Naked! It was published in San Francisco from 1970 to 1976, covering gay entertainment and shopping.

Here’s another “Tom” photo taken from the same shoot, initially from up above – your opening post. Who cares if he’s “sucking” in, and flexing. He still looks cute and hot!

I mentioned above that “Tom” did a Colt photo layout with Duke Benson.

He also did one with Erron/Jeremy Brent. As I said before, he was really into leather and denim – black and blue! : )

I’m a late, recent fan of Tom (Colt)! ; )

Well, Welcome to the TOM fanclub! If I had more than a few scans/pics of California Scene covers, I could do a post on that –

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