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While I usually post from the early 70’s to mid-80’s, a few from later years sneak in, like Jack Lofton (1988-1991 basically), who you may remember from such films as Blow Your Own Horn (solo, in jockstrap), Ranger Nick (he and Nick Harmon exchange blowjobs), Air Male (paired with Hans Mueller), and The Pledge Masters (paired with Steve Hammond), as well as some auto-fellatio compilations, and a few others.

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Long ago, back when DC still had its little red light district down where the ballpark is now–The Follies theatre and La Cage aux Follies stripper bar next door…sigh… Jack Lofton did a strip show and JO at The Follies, kind of tried to dance, not real successfully. Trolled the eager little audience afterwards doing naked lap dances for tips. I got my hands all over him, and was briefly, intensely in love. Felt as nice as he looks in this picture, soft and warm.

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