Beautiful Young Dreamers

Beautiful Young Dreamers (1981?)

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I’m not the expert you are, but my guess would be that this was shot sometime in the 70s, and then released in 1981. Would you agree? I know that was pretty common for scenes to be compiled years later and then re-edited or spliced together from various sources.

Speaking of the editing, I can’t help but chuckle when I hear some of the really obvious overdubbing of audio on vintage porn clips and films. The last half of this scene seems like the actual audio recorded when the scene was filmed, but earlier there are some super-loud slurping sounds and moans that made me think it was just a couple of dudes and a microphone watching the scene and imagining what it might have sounded like. If it’s too rushed or unsynced it can give the same feeling as watching a Godzilla movie dubbed into English, where the sounds and dialogue don’t always match up with the movements of the mouths of the actors. I know it was common for a while during this era but it’s the kind of thing I can’t help but notice. That and the music, lol, but if the snippets of songs in this clip were popular I didn’t recognize any of them.

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