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“T” as in”TEX”

TEX MURDOCK, who you may remember from such films as Leather Bond (contained in Fox Studio’s compilation Muscle Up), Cowboy’s Dreams, and Hot Beach

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Tex Murdock! Would love to get some bio info on this hunk. He seemed to appear in photo shoots for about a decade, always changing – body hair, facial hair, muscle bulk and definition. Definitely improved with age. In Leather Bound he flips with Tom LeDuc, but the photography is so poor that it doesn’t amount to much. Has anyone actually seen Cowboy’s Dreams or Hot Beach? Wasn’t the best hung, and never got really hard, but the body made up for it.

Patrick Cowley did the music for Muscle Up, as well as a couple other Fox Studio releases (School Days and Afternooners, maybe more too?) He had just started to become famous for his more disco-sounding music, like Megatron Man, I Wanna Take You Home and Menergy, not to mention the incredible – and incredibly long – remix he made for the Donna Summer song I Feel Love, when Pat died in 1982. But the music he wound up selling to Fox Studio was older, more experimental and moody synth-based music that he made in the 70s, and which has seen a lot of renewed interest in the past few years and a few compilation albums released. Here’s a link to one of the songs that can be heard in Muscle Up, with the title Primordial Landscape:

School Daze was released in 2013:

and Muscle Up came out in 2015:

Based on the descriptions at the above links, both albums seem to have music that appeared in each of the two films – I wonder why they didn’t release them each as a straight soundtrack? Well not a straight soundtrack, you know what I mean haha. There’s a third compilation album coming out next week, featuring mostly (but not all) music from the film Afternooners, also a Fox Studio release:

I’d actually love to have a copy of all of these compilations on CD, I bet that they would sound great in their entirety and back-to-back. I rarely buy music that way anymore but I may have to make an exception.

I found two of the songs from the “new” Patrick Cowley album on youtube already, one of the clips is similar to what you posted above (in terms of the scenes from different Fox films). And both the songs are great:

Furlough —

One Hot Afternoon —

Thought you might be interested as we were just talking about him here, and thanks for not minding my weird, offbeat and sometimes long comments.

First time I see a bad photo of this amazing guy. What I would really like to see is the movie they say he made with Tony Regalia. There is quite a bit of stills of that reel but is there a movie? I wish. . . Hunky

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