"vintage" porn stars

and then I……?

from Triple Work-Out, – with Jamie Wingo, Eric Clement, and David (Mike Barnes)

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Hey there BJ honey! I’m going to cover a lot of ground here, so I hope you can follow. : )

I really appreciate the way; you’ve recently celebrated, second tier – porn stars! We both still love them! Like for example, Eric Clement! Who cares if he wasn’t a headliner! : P

I chose this post, because I think he’s photographed, very flatteringly! Plus the fact, that there’s only one comment – less crowded! You know my ego! I prefer not to share! LOL!

I know that we can both agree that Eric Clement; was both underrated and unheralded. Also a looker – great cheekbones!

Still, I can’t help wishing for a make-over; Queer Eye for the Porn Guy. I can imagine that he would have looked even better, if he shaved off his mustache, and parted his hair on the side. : )

I believe he really was of French descent. He had the look. In “The Frenchman and the Lovers (1979)”, he affects an accent that sounds genuine, at least to my ears.

There was a porn cartoonist who loved vintage porn, by the name of Calvin Washington aka CMan. According to a blog post, he was killed by a hit and run driver, in November 2013.

I used to love following his blog, CManArt1. It’s now archived on Tumbex. He drew a lot of crude, x-rated cartoons, of porn stars and male celebrities. His blog also contained porn pictures, which he collected from Tumblr.

He also was a fan of Eric Clement, and feels the same way about him, that you and I do! : 0

“One of the All-Time Great, yet Un-sung Bottoms of late 70’s/early 80’s Gay Porn!”

I’m really charmed by this cartoon, even if the likeness is pretty superficial! It’s the thought that counts! All of his drawings were like this! (Click on the image, to enlarge.)

He used to follow your blog as well! He even drew a cartoon of you, where you’re obviously “enhanced”! Do you remember this from August 24, 2006? Talk about messy flattery! : )

I’ll never forgive Google for cracking down on Porn Tumblr sites. So many great pictures, both current and vintage, were available at the click of a mouse. Now, they’ve been deactivated. : (

But not all hope is lost! As zephyr also knows, so many porn pictures have been transferred to blogspot sites, and Tumbex! One way or another, there’s no way to keep us queers, from our porn! : )

; )

I rolled my eyes at “Queer Eye” (the damage they’ve done to our culture!) but then stopped reading entirely after “shaved off his mustached”…


Honestly! Did you at least click on the cartoon links? Were you flattered by CMan’s “enhanced” portrait of you? A lot of his porn cartoons are charming! Even if his work is crudely drawn. : )

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