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Your pop-up ID is incorrect – as I’m sure you know, that’s the late Mr. Jim Cassidy, not Dakota, with the loving grip on Mr. Bruce Morgan’s dick.

No, that’s not Dakota on the left. It’s Jim Cassidy at his blondest. This picture is from a magazine called, “Man to Man” published by David Carter in 1980.

(Scroll down :)

Bravo BJ! You finally acknowledged Jim Cassidy and Dakota, late in the game, and now you’re mentioning Bruce Morgan. It’s great that because of the internet, unheralded, vintage performers now have a second wind of exposure.

Cassidy and Morgan, traveled in the same bodybuilding circle that included Ric Drasin, Roger Callard aka Stacy, Bob Birdsong aka Bob Wren, and of course, Ken Sprague aka Dakota.

They all worked out at Gold’s Gym, and posed for Colt Studio. Check out the 1973 gay porn flick, “Loadstar”. Read the 1976 novel, “The Iron Game” by David Carter.

The late, great, Jim French aka Rip Colt, had a great eye for bodybuilders. He knew where to find them. ; )

corrected! thank you – and I have “The Iron Game” by David Carter – but don’t know I’d have the patience for it. Loadstar – is it available anywhere?

I don’t know if the whole movie together is available online. But you can view sections of it for free, on sites like Pornhub and XVideo, and maybe XHamster. I admit it isn’t great film making. But the novelty of viewing legitimate bodybuilders having sex, captures my attention. It may not be the same case for you.

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