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I don’t remember who the dark hair guy is, but the blond used the name Walt Ford, when he was a model for Colt. I remember he used a different name for this layout. He looks worn and beefy here, but when he was younger, he was absolutely stunning. I guess when he got older, he also got kinkier. I remember a picture of him with a nose ring, used in a leather magazine. It may have been Drummer. He later died of A.I.D.S. I wish I could find a picture of him, in his prime. He was beautiful!

I’ve mentioned him before…

ahhhh, yes! and at the time, I did a little bit of research, and came up with 2 or 3 photos, but never published! – Here’s a bit, but more later, I hope.

Thanks BJ! Good job! I’m certain the second picture isn’t him. He was never that tall or ripped. The first one is though. But it’s still an older picture, where he’s too sun-baked. There are pictures of him when he was in his twenties, where he looked so boyish, ripe and fresh. His hair was shinier and full. They used one picture for his obituary, in I believe, Frontiers magazine, or some other free fag-rag. I hope you can find these pictures. Good Luck!

a bit more, from COLT STUDIO PRESENTS 8: The Great Duals (don’t know the year) – seems to be only publication I can find him in….

Thanks BJ! See, I told you he posed with Dinakos! He looks a lot better here, than in the picture you posted above. His faces isn’t toasted and lined, and his hair isn’t flat and dry. I wish you could see the youthful, glamour shot, that I mentioned before. He’s bare-chested, with a playful, surprised expression, and a smiling, open mouth grin. He looks so cute and adorable! There was a Tumblr site, posted online a few years ago, that showed each of the Colt models’ pictures, listed in alphabetical order. They even included the advertising photos and action shots. It was incredible! They were posting pictures, almost daily. They had pictures that were no longer in circulation, and were probably lost. Unknown models were included. I only wished, they could have finished. They only got about half way. Eventually, they may have been able, to post every single Colt picture ever! I knew from day one, that they would eventually be shut down. No doubt, Manfred Speer, must have been responsible, if not directly. He’s shut down other blogs, with unauthorized Colt photos. I wanted to tell you about, but I figured it was best to keep it secret, for as long as possible. At least, Walt Ford’s pictures, were included.

Thanks again! Keep it up! The posting, I mean. ; )

Hey BJ,

tahnk you for all those detailled info´s.
Can you try to find any background about the video/videos called NYC Muscle Hidden Camera?
It was recorded private in the early 90s and got at leat one actor of the Fox Studio in it.

I see that you’ve already discovered this website:

Anyway, I found the Drummer Magazine, where he’s on the cover with a nose ring. Oy! He looks pretty rough! It’s issue #96:

I haven’t responded lately, because I’m just too busy from work. You’ve posted a lot of good material recently. I wish I could comment on every single post. I may try to catch up, during my vacation. I appreciate that you make late responding, possible. ; )

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