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Michael Christopher – Peterbilt

Was out of town for a quick getaway, and passed by the PETERBILT factory, or lot, or whatever – and of course thought of this iconic pic. Mentioned it to my partner, and “what?” “Who?” – nevermind, a different era….. Then, when I got home, I had to find the photo, and struggled for awhile googling – surprised how few results, but I guess few places had I.D.’d Michael Christopher as the model. Anyhow, it turns out I had this magazine some years back, and as usual, sold it (back in 2006). A mere 3 pages, 7 pics, 2 in color – but still, wonderful.

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He looked like a lot of straight jocks from that era, and the expression on his face is usually a combination of I’m gonna beat you up or hey let’s fuck. Only you can’t tell which right away.

Hiya Bj! You can bet that each time you post about Michael Christopher, I’m going to respond. He genuinely moves me. I thought his reserved, casual manner, was very appealing and masculine. I’m glad you can tolerate my relentless gushing. : )

Curious, each time you list his credits, which I appreciate, you never mention my absolute favorite. It makes me wonder, if you’ve ever seen, or are even aware, of this 1983 loop that he did for Buckshot Productions, with the wondrous, Neal Shaw.

The name of this outdoor romp is called “Big Horn Peak”. Its part of a Colt collection titled, “Easy Entry”.

Michael Christopher has never looked so attractive. Both he and Shaw are photographed lovingly. They look absolutely great together – wonderful chemistry. They almost seem heroic – a dynamic duo.

Both tall, with matching cleft chins. I also love how their hairstyles contrast. One, a long and flowing mop, the other, a thick and curly cut, brushed neatly back.

I’ve seen this flip-flop loop repeatedly, and still don’t get bored with it.

In case you’ve never seen this. Here are a couple of snippets:

(I hope this works. Scroll down.)

This one is also nice. I always appreciate kissing in all-male porn:

These hikers, really do seem like they’re sharing each other’s sensuality, as opposed to just getting off (not that there’s anything wrong with that). There’s a strong, fraternal dynamic that really shines through.

I even love the film synopsis, described on the back cover of the VHS/DVD container:

“NEAL SHAW and MICHAEL CHRISTOPHER share the grandeur of nature and spend a day like rams, locking horns in endless combinations.” (*SIGH* Makes me horny.)

They’re booty buddies, prick pals, or carnal comrades. They had joy, they had fun. They were schtupping in the sun. : P

Also on the back cover, is a publicity still of them posed together, against a big rock. I absolutely love this picture. It never fails to make me swoon.

(Click on the second picture icon, located on the right corner. Once enlarged, you’ll notice it’s the first picture box, on the left.)

I keep hoping that you’ll eventually find this picture, or any other picture from “Big Horn Peak”, and post it. I love the way Neal Shaw, cradles and clings to Michael’s body, in his arms. Shaw looks at Michael Christopher, with such desire and affection, that Michael almost seems beautiful.

Here’s another picture of them, that’s almost as good. They both seem so comfortable, with each other’s body.

For the record, Neal Shaw WAS beautiful! I always thought he was very underrated and unheralded. He probably could have been a bigger star, if he made more movies.

He really did have it all; great body, face, and dick – a masculine manner, and a deep resonant, speaking voice. Not to mention, personality and acting ability – a genuine Porn Divo!

This is very apparent in his two talkies, “Chip Off the Old Block (1984)” and “What the Big Boys Eat (1985)”. He also had a sense of humor. You can see that, in some of his playful photos.

To summarize, out of three, my first favorite film of Michael Christopher is of course, “Big Horn Peak”. My second is “The Best Little Warehouse in L.A. (1982)”. He’s great throughout this film, but my favorite sequence, is the one he shares with the incredibly sensual, Giorgio Canali – another great Porn Divo!

And third and lastly, “How I Got the Story (1982)” with Beau Matthews, who we both agree, was just adorable:

Did Michael Christopher, really make five films in 1982, his first year in porn?

Thanks BJ, for letting me spill. Hope it wasn’t too messy, or that it made you want to barf. LOL! ; )

ha! in the queue for approval – would’ve been a shame to leave this waiting – will catch up tomorrow when I have more time!

Well? Don’t mean to be pushy, but I understood your comment above, as returning to this post with a further reply. Did you forget, or did I misinterpret? You know I value your opinion, whether we agree or not. Just curious, no pressure or hurry. I realize you’re busy. : )

well? hahha! I love your pushiness – not sure why I’ve never mentioned the Buckshot film, as I do love Neal Shaw

although I probably think of him with Frank Vickers in Magic of Power when I think of Buckshot. (or Neal’s solo, where he cums on his own face!)

but you didn’t mention what may be the most important part of that clip from Big Horn Peak – is Neal eating Michael Christopher’s ass before fucking him????? you don’t see Michael topped that often, from what I can recall (looks like I sold this back in 2005 – rats!)

and i adore Michael Christopher in Pleasure Beach – the scene with Beau Matthews and the slo-mo cum shot!!

and I just spent over an hour trying to find a decent Christopher/Shaw picture, to not avail

Well okay, now I forgive you. Just kidding! Seriously though, thank you so much for this, BJ! I’m honored and moved, beyond words – much appreciated.

In the back of my mind, I was hoping you’d do this – very generous. This scan isn’t perfect, but it will do. The most important thing is that it’s been enlarged. *SIGH* I could look at this picture for hours – the expression on Neal Shaw’s face! As I said before, they look absolutely great together!

I wish I was rich, so I could afford to buy all the porn pictures, magazines, and films, I desired. No doubt, it would include the entire library of Colt, Target, and Fox Studio, among others. I covet and envy your collection. Bravo Mr. BJ!

I forgot about you previous, witty post about Neal Shaw – “The other white Shaw”. Yes indeed, we all love Aiden Shaw. Looking at this picture, I should have mentioned above, that Neal Shaw was also limber and athletic. LOL! Why didn’t he make more movies?!

As for Mr. Christopher, I believe his first film was “Shore Leave”, but don’t quote me. So right from the start, he was versatile. It’s nice that a man so strong and masculine didn’t have any hang-ups about “bottoming”. Unlike others, you didn’t get any hype or fanfare, regarding this – refreshing.

I don’t care what anyone else says about Michael Christopher. In my eyes, he was beautiful!

If he’s still alive, I hope he read this. HEY, MIKE! LOL!

Once again, Bravo and Thanks to you, Mr. BJ! Until next time… ; )

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