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look into the camera (Men on Campus version)

Director: Jason Sato (1978/1986) 60/85/120 minutes running time

Starring: J. W. King, Duff Paxton, R. J. Reynolds, Jim Bataglia, Shaun Victors, Mike Mann, Kurt Williams, Tim O’Brien, Eric Clement

Seems to have been originally made in 1978, then re-edited, and then HIS late 60-minute chopped version – looks to me like film and video, but I read somewhere (maybe an email, wink) it’s the very first gay movie to be shot on video

Big Men on Campus: The Fraternity

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Currently watching this now and can confirm not made in 1978. Eric Clement didn’t make his debut until THE HARDER THEY FALL for Tom DeSimone in 1979, and R.J. Reynolds and J.W. King entered the biz together that same year. Production year would look to be 1980 before both theatrical and video releases in 1981. The only film portions are the Kurt Williams-Dave O’Brien scene from Jason Sato’s earlier film STRAIGHT (1976), seen as the gay stag film.

Oddly, the terrible shot-on-video horror movie BOARDINGHOUSE (1982) gets a lot of historical credit for being the first movie released to theaters after being shot on tape. BIG MEN ON CAMPUS beat it by a year. Time to rewrite those history books!

speaking of Tom DeSimone – I need to re-connect with you about that interview – gotta run but nice to see all your comments, Casey!

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