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Will munch

appearing in only one film, Buckshot/Colt’s Private Party – a tape with 4 solos – Will’s was called Fantasy Session – 19 minutes of him in leather chaps/harness

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Yes indeed, Will Garrett was a golden hot daddy, in spite of his resemblance to George W. Bush. He’s yet another porn model, who didn’t have man-on-man action on film, yet did so in print (simulated?). This seems to be a familiar theme with you lately. ; )

In Colt Men #13, he cavorts with Loren Marks, in a very hot photo layout.

I wish I didn’t have to get rid of my porn collection. But I could no longer afford to keep it in storage.

Hubba! Hubba! This magazine was one of my prized possessions:

Loren Marks and Will Garret had some hot pics together. Loren was in several porn films in the 80’s- Will only did one but his climax scene is spectacular

I’m just passing through here again, to drop off another link, which I should have posted earlier. How did I forget?

Will Garret was one of my absolute favorites from Colt – a superb specimen of manhood!

From every view, he was a hot, choice, grade-A, hunk of man meat! These two pictures of his backside above, will attest to that!

I’m definitely a hardcore homo. Every part of the male body turns me on, no matter how raunchy, convoluted, or contorted.

Just look how strong his v-shape back, legs, shoulders, calves, thighs, hamstrings, abs, and arms are! Not to mention his rump – tan lines are forever! And thank God, no tattoos!

So tough and masculine – literally and figuratively, a hard ass! LOL!

It’s curious. In his 1984 Colt pictures, he’s thinner and more defined. A year later, in his Advocate Men pictorial, he’s riper and more filled out.

It’s a tossup, as to which condition I prefer him in – lean and mean, or beefy and juicy! Either way, he sizzles!

The idea that all men are created equal; is only true in a court of law! LOL!

There are simply some faces that the camera loves more than others. Not to mention, certain bodies. Garret is a perfect example! (I hope these links works!)

What a great model!

It’s amazing how insinuating he can be. He’s able to convey so much, with just a little shift of the eyes, or a certain smirk or smile, or a suggestion of a sneer.

Even when he just uses a poker face, he projects ambiguity or mystery.

Depending on the context, he can look either friendly, or threatening, or even sinister! Check out his leather photos. They’re great! (I’m keeping my fingers crossed! I can’t promise!)

Anyway, the link below is the one I was talking about, in my introduction. I’m pretty sure this profile link of Mr. Garret, will work.

I’ve always been impressed with SmutJunkies.Com. For a porn site, they’re actually pretty classy.

They’re pretty thorough. Not only do they list a porn star’s film resume, but also the publications, he’s appeared in. I’m pretty sure they work in conjunction with Gay Erotic Archives.

It’s no surprise that Will Garret’s pictures were so popular. He appeared in four publications with Colt. Wow, for Advocate Men and their subsidiaries, he was in 10 of their publications!

BJ didn’t mention that he was on the cover of the 1985 Colt Leather Calendar – fabulous! Scroll down to the third and fourth image; one in color, then the same one in black and white – wicked!

Ah, I also like the languorous, second picture down, where he looks sultry and sensual! There’s nothing wrong with a little tenderness in raunchy porn – nice! Let it hang, baby. LOL!

(Don’t forget to scroll all the way from top to bottom.)

My Will Garret fix, is almost over. I’ll be seeing you guys on BJ’s third post, where he finally reveals his face! Maybe he did this on purpose. To create some fanfare and suspense – a formal unveiling! : )

So until then…

; )

hmmmmm – the advocate MEN photos show something is going on under his eyes – not enuf sleep, maybe? and even in the Colt photos – which makes me wonder if they perhaps were the same photo session, or the same “condition” that affected his eyes?

Honestly BJ, that aesthetic swipe at Will Garret, was so unnecessary – a gratuitous cheap shot!

You, more than anyone else, should recognize that maturity can be very sexy!

You’re going to knock him, for showing a little wear and tear – really? : /

I actually think that the lines and creases, only add to his golden virility – a blond bruiser, or a brusque blond! : )

It gives his face more depth, worldliness, and character. As I’ve said before, he’s not a pretty boy. He’s a flesh and blood MAN! Someone’s who’s been around, and had experience!

He knows what he likes, knows what to do, and how to do it! Rather than malign him, you should be cheering him on! (“Fuck that ass! Suck that dick!”) : P

But hey, no matter – say what you will, about Will. Words can’t bring him down.

From my end, I shall repeat this:


; )

ohhhhhhhhh! beleive me, maturity IS sexy, indeed! sorry to hit a sour note, it was really more a question, as under the eyes didn’t look older – it looked like needs some sleep, do the photoshoot tomorrow after I’m well rested….. still keeping my eye out for GOOD QUALITY leather pics of Mr G

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