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Steve Taylor

so hot. yet you have to wonder if he would’ve ever been seen, being an “older guy”, if it weren’t for him being Al Parker’s partner.

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It has a tag for Surge ‘Surf’s Up’, but that’s not in GEVI. I’m sure you know who the one with the *dessert* is. I remember some from Surge like Juan Perris, who was one of the most gorgeous studs I ever saw, but I think he was darker. Looks delicieux.

That’s an interesting question to ponder. It’s doubtful though, that Taylor would have entered porn, if it wasn’t for Al Parker. They met when Parker was just coming out as a gay man, in 1973. Taylor was considerably older than he was, and hence, more experienced. That’s why they agreed to an open relationship.

I don’t believe the description “daddy” became common in gay slang, until a few years later, after Steve Taylor appeared on the scene. I love him! : )

Incidentally, not to drop any names, but Joe Gage liked the way I described him:

(Scroll down.)

Al Parker is without a doubt the most boring porn guy I have ever watched on film, and his porn is too predictable. I read his biography about five years ago and it was full of BS, and he was also a boring man who stayed high all the time.

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