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Yes, brilliant! THANK YOU for posting these – amazingly enough, which I’ve never seen before (and at my age!) What was the source? And since I’m here, thanks also for the photo from Stroke, one great magazine. But as for Al, wowza, thanks again.

source – someone was auctioning on eBay some time ago – I keep a close eye on the “mature audiences” porn auctions for a lot of what I post.

These are very artful and stylish–the best I’ve ever seen of him, even though I usually like him best with his pickups (as with Jeff Turk below and some of his Surge stable, others.) The rubber ring works well here too; he almost always uses it, which I understand well and used for years too, but now prefer snap-ons–either way, you feel like your Prick is a Dildo, and that last photo is definitely like a perfect Dildo, very succulent, exciting…I suppose Parker and Wrangler were the 2 biggest names in 70s porn. These photos make me think Parker was the more aesthetic by far, and his imagination was unique–I even liked the effects he got with super-pumped James Williams (I recall Edmondson didn’t like the pumping, and his spirit about how he ‘saw this guy with the biggest basket I’ve ever seen’, said as though the mainstream would see this as the highest priority (of any kind), and I often enough agree. He made money, but wasn’t in it just for the money, was definitely an artist.

I just saw on IMDb that he sero-converted and the rest of the Surge films were made with HIV+ actors. I remember from the book that he hadn’t wanted a long life, so it makes sense, except that that is the part of the body that often doesn’t age. I now wonder which those films were, though, that were all HIV+.

Al Parker was ever so handsome, but I am not a fan of his cock. Just too veiny for my liking, tho I know this is subjective. Every man has different tastes. However, he was a great director, for I recently viewed “Dangerous” online that actually had a storyline and kept you begging for more. The actors were hotter than Mercury and the glory hole scenes, splendiferous.

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