bear tongue

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I absolutely love this photo. I love the broad, flat, lapping tongue. He’s in pig-heaven. I love his size. Look at those shoulders! I love his fat, powerful thighs and club-dick. What a hot ass he’s eating. Is this from a work for moving-picture (ha!). I’d promise my first-born to see it (ha!). MORE please.

Ha! You’re right—I’m so wishy-washy.

(Slightly) more seriously, I LIVE for rimming ass and having mine rimmed. Thank goodness I’m still hot and have plenty of takers (Ha! Forgive that). Watching porn, I fast-forward to the hole-eating and can rarely hold off for the whole scene.

Your recent all-rimming thread was one your best ever, IMO. And great work all-around!

I don’t know! alas, I just nabbed the hot pic from eBay, and only know it came from Bear Magazine, Issue #45.

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