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best warehouse

from a magazine called Stockboy Sex – featuring Michael Christopher and Giorgio Canali

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Whoa, BJ! Whew, you better stop! All this stimulation is driving me crazy!

With these two Porn Divos, is it any wonder? Michael Christopher and Giorgio Canali were sexual heavyweights – another dynamic duo!

Fantastic picture! From this angle, you can still see how big their dicks are. In the actual film, they almost cum simultaneously – a double cannon salute!

As I said before, “The Best Little Warehouse in L.A. (1982)”, is my second favorite picture of Michael Christopher. “Big Horn Peak (1983)” is my first. Their sequence together is smoking! It leaves me as hot, exhausted, and sweaty, as they are on screen. LOL! It’s available online. This is man-sex as its best – just glorious!

It’s rather surprising as well. In most porn, the taller of the two, usually does the fucking, especially if he’s the most aggressive. These two studs turn that meme on its head, and make it work.

There’s a lovely moment when Canali, is jerking them both, simultaneously. Christopher underneath him, signals that he’s close, by nodding his head – fabulous! It’s the little things like this that makes porn memorable.

Giorgio Canali was always so incredibly sensual, and spontaneous. Toward the end, there’s another lovely moment, when they’ve both climaxed. Giorgio kisses Christopher on the forehead and chin, and then licks Michael’s lips. They both end the scene with a sweaty embrace – just perfect!

It’s rather remarkable how lyrical, yet raunchy, this loop is; considering that it takes place in a warehouse. Even the fact that their feet soles get dirty, doesn’t bother you. The whole film is hot – a classic!

BELOW – This took me a while to find this on Tumblr, but it was worth it. Here’s another great picture of their sequence together, but in black and white.

Michael Christopher on all fours; with his mop of hair, and strong limbs and shoulders, looks just like a lion – and just as majestic, too. I love the way Giorgio Canali “hot dogs” him, from behind. I thought of that description, “hot-doggin’” myself. I should get it trademarked, before someone else steals it. : )

I also think the way Canali grabs and tugs, at Christopher’s bottom flesh, to be so powerfully erotic!

Honestly Bj, where do you find, so many great pictures?

If I haven’t said this before, I’ll say it now. Michael Christopher and Giorgio Canali, are forever!

Once again, thanks BJ! Until next time… ; )

That colour photo of Giorgio on the steps is obviously one of the younger ones, and it’s unique among all I’ve seen–very European, coy, even a bit French. Since he’s so butch, the touch of feminine in the pose and face makes it all the more dazzling. His face was definitely prettier in the younger pictures, although all the rest continued on A-List.

where do i find so many pictures?? – no exaggeration, i spend many many hours each week on eBay – many are not labeled, so that is one reason I am constantly re-reminding myself of something I”ve posted, but forgotten about, as well as setting stuff aside for later figuring out who, when, etc

Lush!! Have you another from the same scene with Christopher sucking Italian Feast with more of it in his mouth? Love to see the fellationist with a hard-on–I always have had, what could be more hard-on-inducing than knowing you’ve got a fabulous pisser in your mouth? I had not known they’d done things together, thinking of Christopher a bit more late 70s and Canali more mid-80s. Beautiful, but I want MOOOAAARRRR…

Michael Christopher 1982-1987 would pretty much be his movie-making years; Giorgio overlaps with his years 1981-1986 – would be fun to do a post on films they did together, and where they may have actually done another scene together – (Skin Deep – can’t remember if they are both in the finale together)

Thank you! What pulchritude! I may have been getting Christopher mixed up with another guy. Steve York? Just looked at smutjunkies, but remembered Christopher better. York seems to have started a couple of years earlier. Giorgio is more sexy than possible…I can never get enough of him.

BJ! Once again, I don’t mean to be pushy, but what happened to my response to this post? I sent it Saturday, the 26th. Did you accidentally delete it? Should I send it again? I tried before, but it told me it already went through. I know you’re busy. Am I posting too much? : (

Thank you so much for finding this, BJ. I really did want to share that black & white picture of them, from the same scene. Writing this, did take a considerable amount of time. But it was worth it. Not to mention, fun! Hope you enjoyed it too.

For the record: “The Best Little Warehouse in L.A.”, is the only film in which Michael Christopher and Giorgio Canali, shared a scene, sexual or otherwise.

Both of them though, were featured in “Skin Deep (1982)”, “Class Reunion (1983)”, and “Lifeguard aka The Safe Sex Video (1985)” but in different scenes. In “Class Reunion”, they were filmed close together, near the pool. Both of them were also in the group portrait, for publicity.

Now, they did share two of the same partners, in different movies. Michael Christopher screwed Beau Matthews twice and Jon King once. Giorgio Canali screwed Jon King twice and Beau Matthews once.

I would differ on the timeline, which you claim both of them were in porn. Michael was only in the spotlight for three years (1982-1985). Give or take a year or two, it was the same case with Giorgio.

Once last comparison, both of them did make more than a couple of films, for William Higgins.

Whew! That’s enough trivia! ; )

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