"vintage" porn stars

frankly, my dear

Bruce Morgan + Rhett Baron, probably 1974 (I know the pair appeared in In Touch #8 in ’74) – love the playfulness

Bruce Morgan at GEVI

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Fantastic, BJ! I’ve never seen, or was aware, of these Colt photos. What a coup! Bruce Morgan indeed, deserves more recognition. I’m all about masculine, muscle men, in gay porn. Good job! ; )

Stuart: apparently I haven’t posted much – but for future reference, there is a search button off to the left side, downward (only searches the wordpress years, 2010-present, not 2001-2010 on blogger) you may find a couple – search Bruce Morgan – meanwhile a nice butt shot:

Stuart – I was able to find an IN TOUCH from 1974 – photographer HY CHASE of Bruce! Not sure why so little on the web about HY CHASE, I see him occasionally credited in other magazines. Will see about when I can scan.

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