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Pool Service

Michael David and (bearded) Dick Trask, from the 1971 COLT film.

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Stunning photo. Hot and graceful at the same time. Best period atmosphere. I am not that big into body hair (except pubic, as Bert Edwards’s down below–pubic hair is wonderfully lewd), but Trask looks fantastic with his facial hair and long head hair.

Parisian, was hoping I’d see a recent comment of yours so will reply to you here (if that’s OK w/ BJ and he doesn’t think I’m taking one of his posts hostage). We both commented here not long ago about the music in porn films, and you made a point I’m not sure I had thought about fully – a lot of the loops that played in the 70s bookstores had no music at all, until they were compiled and released on VHS and Beta by various studios in the late 70s/early 80s timeframe. The music that Patrick Cowley made for the Fox releases School Daze, Muscle Up and Afternooners (all of which has now been remastered and released by Dark Entries) was for these types of compilations and didn’t accompany the scenes when they were first shown. That doesn’t really negate my interest in the porn-music connection but it forces me to consider different aspects to it, like assigning categories of “this was a film and the music you hear was what the audiences heard in the thetares” as opposed to “this is a compilation of scenes and whatever music you’re hearing now was added after the fact by someone who may or may not have had anything to do with the scene”. I hope that makes sense? Both might have music but it has to do with the intent of the director.

Also (BJ’s gonna hate me lol) I just watched Pension complète over the weekend, I’ve seen some of your previous comments here about Cadinot (and, well, your name here is Parisian! so I thought of you) and there are some interesting musical interludes in that film, some of the rock-pop or synth-pop style but others that are decidedly classical sounding to me. And I wondered if you knew anything about the music in that film? Anything that sounded familiar to you when you watched it, a refrain or something that you recognized. What a glorious film, as with many of his movies there are a lot of younger guys (which I’m about 50/50 on thinking they are hot, or that they will be even hotter 5-10 or more years down the line) but the guy who played Le Docteur in the credits, Robert Rosen (credited as Robert Roten on gevi) is a hunka hunka woo woo, that’s high praise from me. Only the one film credit according to gevi but oh my, his two scenes are great. I also love the suspense with the scene of the headmaster guy wading out to go fishing and then pretending he was going under until the one guy helped him, augmented by the slightly Jaws-sounding music, as well as the humorous scene towards the end where the English speaking guy wants what the doctor gave his friend the day before, so he pretends to be sick and instead it’s the backup, much older doctor who gives him a shot in the ass, with a needle not his dick. Cadinot made films first, sexy situations and porn included but he never lost that focus which I think is why he is rightly considered among the great gay filmmakers around the globe.

“like assigning categories of “this was a film and the music you hear was what the audiences heard in the theatres” as opposed to “this is a compilation of scenes and whatever music you’re hearing now was added after the fact by someone who may or may not have had anything to do with the scene”.

That’s it, exactly. To which I add that what I find so extraordinary is that in the two Toby Colt films–‘Bruno’s World’ and ‘Chute’–you give up all your purism about the original (or I do with no difficulty at all), because they definitely were remastered for the compilations, and I can’t believe how good they are. Someone who thought these were sacred films (I certainly do.) The music to ‘Chute’ on Best of Colt (11, I think) is simply luminous, and is much better than most original scores I heard when I saw films with music in the 70s. The new music, in fact, turns both of them into perfect gems, masterpieces. I have not watched Chute by renting it from Colt, but I may; my vhs of that one was ruined a few years ago when my old combo tv/vcr simply collapsed into itself one day, and that was in there. I could still send it away to be repaired easily enough, and I may do that, since I loved that set and got a new one off eBay. But if you haven’t seen it, they always have it there to rent and you might be interested in seeing how the music builds while Parker is worshipping Toby’s Prick in the truck–oh man, is that hot. and there’s a dissolve after Toby–on his back– perfectly face-fucks Parker–that’s just flawless (man, what thighs), and they drink and pour Heinekens on each other the whole time–Parker pours it on Toby’s dick and sucks some more, he is totally into it. BJ’s got a photo from this scene under ‘Beer Me’, which is def. under ‘Toby’ and may be under ‘Al Parker’ too, but his would be much more voluminous, did much more work. ‘Bruno’s World’ has a separate new piece for Bruno jerking off on the beach with the ocean behind him, and this is followed by Toby jerking off in his ‘inner sanctum’ in a beach chair, and that’s the very deep otherworldly music which then goes all the way to the end– the most sublime music in that one. So it doesn’t go ‘start to finish’ like ‘Chute’, but whoever set the music for both of this actually enhanced what was already there.

One of Cadinot’s 80s pictures ‘Carnival in Venice’ has music I remember, but not exactly great music (I’ll have to see more, as you two have. Yes, I adore the French boys, and spent a year with them when I was 20–it was like a delirium of sex. I was curious that some of my colleagues could not make it with the French. I never found anything more effortless, and hardly ever meet them here (but I did Friday night, one of the greatest moments of my life, and I’m about as jaded as they come.) I think you and BJ know a lot more about Cadinot than I do, but I may rent and watch this Pension complète now. That is Herr Roten, no pic available, and he does sound *quite profound…* I think Karl Forrest is German too, and from what I’ve seen, French male porn is better than German (they often get too much into freaky S & M stuff I don’t care for.)

A couple of years ago I wrote about a French film from 1977
‘Homologues ou la soif du mâle’, but you cannot see it now. I had a Parisian friend who visited me in 1978 and it had been very big in Paris that season. There was very mournful music in that one, and it was like a ‘theme background song without words’. There was a narrator, waxing philosophical about ‘le sex entre les males detruit too’ (oh, but it’s worth it!…), and without speech in that one either, which I only now recalled. It is utterly unique, tragic that it has been lost. You could probably find it among French pornophiles, though that would be a huge endeavour and might not end me in a copy of it in any form on top of that. I liked it better than any Cadinot, although his were definitely good.

Interesting that ‘those weren’t a part of the scene’ were sometimes even better than those musicians who were (as in other films), isn’t it? You have to see ‘Chute’ if you haven’t, though. It’s gorgeous.

I meant ‘le sexe entre les males detruit tout’, not ‘too’. There were echoes of Sade in it, and there’s a startling scene (it was rather episodic) of a guy jerking off while looking at a corpse. You’d never find that in an American film (I don’t mean that turned me on, it did not at all, but was interesting.) It’s also a very stylish movie.

First about Cadinot, the only one of his films I have saved to my computer is Age Tendre et Sexes Droits (did I spell that right?) which is from ’84, and as you describe Carnival in venice the music didn’t really impact me in any way. I don’t think it’s pre-existing music that he used (which forms the foundation of my original interest in this topic) possibly because of the copyright issue, some directors aware of the possibility that there could be an issue someday in the future, while others just looked at what song conveyed a feeling that matched the connection between the actors and the sex, whether well known or not, and without caring whether the original artist wanted their song used in that context or not. Age Tendre has just little interludes, as does Pension which I was just wondering if you had seen or were familiar with, some of themusic interludes being pleadsant or pretty catchy in fact, but nothing that has really stood out. Also as I said classical music is my weakest hand, that’s something that a person who had shazam could use to i.d. a lot of songs if they wanted to. I have a Cadinot VHS tape that I want to watch again, if not try to transfer to my computer, it has five of his films recorded at high speed, when I did a lot of that, so the quality may not be great but that way you could fit more onto each tape. We both type a lot … :)

The 70s film you mentioned sounds very interesting, has the film itself been lost or does it exist in some form? Also I hope you can get a copy of what you wrote about it, it’s too bad you don’t have access to something like that (if I’m understanding you, and if not it’s likely more me than you) but you’re right, jacking off on a corpse seems a bit squeamishy.

I will check out the scene(s) you mentioned liking the music to, it’s such an individual and personal attachment we can form when a work of art causes the senses to be heightened or double-tripled or more up when possible. That’s what they should have marketed, scratch and sniff porn! See what Al’s sweaty jockstrap smells like after he’s worn it all night at the bathhouse with his tied up dick and balls straining the pouch for hours, lol ok I’m just being silly now.

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