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Legend of Big Meat

Johnny Harden, in films like Legend of Big Meat, (solo short contained in 2 Fred Halsted videos, California Fox and Pieces of Eight); Big Sailor, and Overload, he specialized in solos, including getting the huge cock near enough to his face to get some nice self-facials – but I think even his pairings were pretty much mutual jerk-offs, if memory serves me.

I picked this photo because it has a Cadinot 70’s feel to it.

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It does have the same vibe as the Cadinot pics you’ve posted here before, and I’d never seen this pic. The Johnny film I know I’ve seen is Johnny Harden & the Champs, most memorable for me due to the outdoor scenes with Sky Dawson who I thought was incredible from head to toe, especially his dick … but I guess Johnny just jacks off there as with many of his roles, as you said. Gevi says that in Johnny Harden & Friends (Malibu Studios, 1980), in addition to solo j/o he also receives and gives oral, but I’ve not seen the film so I can’t confirm that.

It makes sense that there aren’t a ton of Cadinot-related posts here because I know you’ve mentioned being more attracted to the less-twink, more-manly and hairy guys of 70s/80s porn, and his films always featured a lot of younger French and Arabic ethnic guys. The aesthetic to Cadinot’s films, music included but also just the camera work and setting of the story, is why I generally enjoy watching his films, whether subtitled or not (because the moans and grunts transcend language barriers). But there are some older and/or furrier guys to be found in his films too, less frequent than the French twinks he was known for recruiting and highlighting but here and there.

Do you remember the Playgirl photo he did in the mid-80s. It was a huge series of mostly nice-looking but not professionals like Harden. He was sitting on a bed, legs spread fabulously seductively, and beautifully centered on his gorgeous Prick. He also looked handsomer in that than anything I’ve ever seen him in. I cut it out of the mag and framed it for my wall for a few years.

Neither yours nor B.J.’s, but yes, definitely from that same spread. The one I had he was sitting squarely on the bed and the crotch had this incredible charisma from the attitude and posture. Plus the outlandish knowledge that the rest were all amateurs, and he was already famous as a hustler and porn star. Thank you both. I’d remembered it as a rose brocade robe. I think he was at his peak of beauty in these.

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