"vintage" porn stars vintage gay t-shirts


I wanted a good pic of the ZEUS t-shirt; so far, the best I can find… but not the best of Ryder Knight’s cock – checkout below, with some help from Jeff Scott

Bo Richards

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There were no comments, so I had to add one.

Bo Richards’ photo shoot for the Honcho Leather Special (1982) would’ve been so hot…

(he was draped in torn-up t-shirt and jock, as well as bound [lightly] in ropes with a leather strap around his chest. Hot theme!)

…if he’d had an erection.

Who am I kidding? It was still pretty hot.

Actually, that January 82 photospread was easily more successful (despite being entirely in B&W and with Bo starting out in a snowsuit- somehow it worked). But that wasn’t the one I was referring to.

This was the Honcho Leather Special No1, an entirely separate issue perhaps? Released in 1982, but I don’t have info on exactly when it hit the newsstands. Bo Richards was photographed by Zeus but with their name for him, “Ryder Knight.” Leo Hooks was on the cover.

I’ll try to find a link. If I can’t I’ll just send them to you. Oh, of course. RetroStuds posted in in 2017:

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