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Cowboy Collins

Have I done a Steve Collins videography yet? Oh yeah, that’s it there. Forgive the quality of these; snagged from eBay by someone with no scanner, so slightly distorted….

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YES! do not have a copy of it, but have a couple more pics from an eBay auction I nabbed these from – centerfold!

update: above pic provided by my new intern, JohnnyLlama!!

His listing at GEVI has him working for Colt and Falcon, but neither one of those is this Steve Collins, are they? They seem to be different from each other as well. I’d never known of him till this post, but man, he has one of the most luxuriant bodies I’ve ever seen. That’s also the kind of light chest hair I tend to favour, and I am, of course, a total Pubic Hair Freak: his is a Cloud of Pleasure. He’s so beautiful he doesn’t even need the Sadist’s Meanlook* to be totally desirable, but in the description of Gayracula, which I assume most of you have seen, but I haven’t, he’s very versatile, and I’d love to see the scene described with this in it: Gaylord fucks the Marquis who cums with dick in his ass. I’ve always wanted it done like that, and it was big news for me when I found out a lot of bottoms like to do it without hard-ons. Most of the current porn does have both totally aroused and often coming while getting fucked.

JohnnyLlama, thank you for all your recent contributions. You and B.J. and several others are real scholars of the period.

Steve Collins COLT means Buckshot – from the The Company We Keep collection – Weekend Action (1984) with Joe Reeves – SUPERHOT!!! The Falcon link is to FOURGY, and a short that (A Gift I Made Myself) that was made in 1972 – I don’t think so! Besides the link above, I would suggest viewing this clip from I DO to get more familiar with Steve. Gayracula scene is great – the entire film is, of course; somewhere on my blog is the Falconhead 2 clip with Steve and Brad Mason – something like “leftovers, again!”

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