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Bruce’s sheets

I was going to do a simple cock pic, with tanline. But sifting through Bruce magazine (a Satyr publication), I just couldn’t resist this other cock pic displayed on these I WANT THEM sheets.

3 postings of Bruce on Retrostuds – none with these sheets!

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I tell ya, I get so exasperated with certain porn stars, who don’t know how to properly groom themselves.

Bruce McMaster aka Dave (MacMaster), is actually stunning – sensuously handsome. But he never seems to get his hair right. If you have such fine, lank hair, it’s best to cut it short. Don’t let it grow past your ears, for God’s sake! It looks girly.

He took these pictures, after appearing in two earlier porn flicks. Aside from the bad hairstyle, he looks great! What a sensual mouth, strong chin, and jaw line! He looks a little more mature than he did in his film work. I could imagine he might have even gotten better looking, as he aged.

Yeah, I also like his dick, body and tan-line. He was a great, uninhibited performer – totally versatile! I wish he would have done some more porn, at this mature stage. I wonder what his voice sounded like.

It took me a while, to figure out that he first did the 1976 Brentwood loop, “Everything Works!” This was later sold to Falcon Studios, under the collection, “Hayride”.

I have to admit, that it’s pretty hot. Even though, I don’t generally approve of trade, gay-for-pay performers, like “Hawk”. But this stud-muffin was so hot! Do you really think he was part Indian?

Like the equally selfish, Barry Hoffman, he had a funny, long tan-line.

“Bruce” officially worked for Falcon in 1978. You previously posted about this, and the confusing rotation of loop titles and film collections. I appreciate your attempt at clarification. But what a brain-strain!

I’m not going to re-hash it. Viewers can read about Part 1 and 2, here:

“Champs” was also pretty hot. It’s one of my favorite porn threesomes, even though; McMaster still looks silly with that page-boy haircut. But now it’s even worse, because here, he sports a wispy mustache. It makes him look Swedish, like a member of the pop group ABBA. : /

But at least he’s a natural blond. I mentioned before, that Sky Dawson looks so much better with his natural, brown hair color. Some dye jobs work, but very often, they don’t.

No complaints from me about Mike Flynn – what an adorable hottie! He was so underrated and unheralded – always smiling! Who else can get away, with wearing orange swimming trunks?

There’s an idea; how about writing a future post about him – any info? Or photos?

I’ve never seen this 1980 loop from Mustang Studios, called “Down Home”. I think it may be lost. I used to own the Horse publication. Woody form GEVI doesn’t recognize “Brad”, as Eric Ryan. : /

Mike Flynn had non-sexual cameos in both “The Other Side of Aspen (1978)” and “The Other Side of Aspen 5 (2001)”. But you already knew that, right?

I was heartbroken to learn, that there was actually a sex scene between Mike Flynn and Jeff Turk, filmed for “The Other Side of Aspen”. But it was cut out and then apparently, destroyed. What a waste! : (

I’ve read though, some porn photos of their TOSOA scene still exist. Maybe you can get a hold of these.

I can only hope. ; )

“Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder” and “There’s no accounting for taste”.

You are very opinionated about your ‘looks requirements’, so I guess the rest of us are allowed to be too.

Long hair, especially if very straight and usually blonde, can be thoroughly masculine. Guys can look girly with short or long hair.

Also, you could call rough trade ‘selfish’. Why shouldn’t they be, when they’re hired to be ‘total tops’? I have nothing against ‘gay for pay’ and one of my current (meaning 2020) favourites is tattooed all over. And many, of not most, homosexual porn guys do some hustling on the side. The bio of Al Parker talks about Al doing it, but maybe you mean straight guys getting paid for gay porn movies. I don’t mind that either, if they’re hot.

oh my! I think some folks are better photographed in motion, others have a better idea how to look good for still shots – that latter I think is more difficult. I tend to be forgiving about haircuts (eventually!) as they seem to be dictated by the times, and sometimes in modeling, by the stylist (Take a look at TRICK TIME – the hair is godawful, but clearly “styled”). Gordon Grant, Mickey Squires, are the first two I can name who I absolutely LOVE, but have definitely had bad hair daze. as for the suggestion for a post on Mike Flynn? who knows – the drafts folder just hit 100!

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