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Wow, this is positively eerie, almost psychic! I was planning on mentioning this S & M photo-set of them in the future, but you beat me to it!

Here’s another photo of them from the same session. I think this one is sexier; more flattering to Jim.

I know they made at least three films together, maybe even four. There’s some confusion as to whether one of the films they made, was truncated and released, with a different title.

I was planning on discussing this for a future, delayed comment. But as you know, I’m always pressed for time and sleep. Jesus, there’s just no way; I can keep up with you! I’ve given up!

You have way too many great posts, which I feel compelled, to comment on. Please, for the love of porn, keep it possible for me to comment, retroactively. I so appreciate, that I’m still able to do so. : )

If I didn’t know any better, I would suspect that you’re warming up to these two, Alpha studs. Although, I know that you’re not into bodybuilders, as much as I am.

Both of them were pretty ambitious. After his short, 70’s gay porn career, Jim Cassidy went on and continued to make straight films in the 80’s, under the name, Rick Cassidy. After that, he got into real estate.

Ken Sprague aka Dakota, was at one time the owner of Gold’s Gym, and the owner of a small film studio. He also wrote a number of books on bodybuilding.

Although they were both bisexual, I would say they both basically preferred, women. Dakota went on to marry twice, and have children from both wives. As far as I know, he never appeared in “exclusively straight”, porn.

I could be wrong, but I believe that Jim Cassidy, and Dakota, may have been the first dynamic duo, of all-male porn. As far as I know, they were the first pair of superstars, who shared equal billing on a porn theater marquee.

Aside from their films, they also made at least two photo-sets, which they produced themselves. These two leather images, posted here, are from one of them.

In contrast, their other one was tender and romantic. I’ve seen three pictures from that session, but this is the only photo that I can find. You can tell that it’s been colorized, but it’s still pretty sexy.

Oh, how I wish didn’t have to work, so I could responds to ALL of your posts!

Thank you so much for mentioning these two, pioneering porn gods, BJ!

My appreciation knows no bounds!

You can bet that this won’t be my last word, on the subject!

; )

yes, the other pic (that you posted) is much better! the colorized one, despite the quality (pixels or something, and yes, color) does show a lovely flaccid cock! Damn if mine could look that good!

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