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think that might be the end of my “rompers” post – where else might we find them? Jaguar’s Grease Monkeys? what about Colt’s Grease Monkeys? or Full Service with Guillermo and Ed Wiley? How about a more modern video – Grease Guns – the scene with Aiden Shaw and Donnie Russo is super hot….

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Dear Obsessed,

You’re not going to tell us that THAT long hair makes T. look ‘girly’, are you? I’d forgotten he had long hair in the Colt Men, # I, which I have, but haven’t looked all the way through for some time. The Coke series was not my favourite part of the magazine, but his hair looks silky and lush here. I’d forgotten about this ‘jumper’, but remembered the one you were talking about in Chute, that was a few years later and he had short hair. I think it was this part of the mag that made Parker idolize him–and then get him for the movie. His face looks especially masculine and handsome in this one.



No matter what his hair looks like, or what he wears or doesn’t wear, Toby CANNOT look anything but sexy and alpha. I would do anything for this man.

Jimmy to Toby:

Thou swell, thou witty, thou sweet, thou grand
Wouldst kiss me pretty, would hold my hand
Both thine eyes are cute too, what they do to me
Hear me holler, I choose a sweet lollapaloosa in thee

I’d feel so rich in a hut for two
Two rooms, and kitchen, I’m sure would do
Give me not a lot of just a plot of land
And thou swell, thou witty, thou grand

Nobody sings this better than Ella:

Sorry for the late response, but because of my work, I’m always pressed for time and sleep!

For the record … Toby is the REAL thing! : )

He’s among those porn studs, that don’t need a last name. We all know who you’re talking about!

Whoa, BJ baby! You little son of a gun! You actually took my suggestion! I absolutely love you for this! Thanks!

parisian is right. This pure white jumper photo isn’t from “Chute”. In that Colt loop, Toby wears a parachutist jumper, which is an off white color – smoke white, to be exact.

Jim French said that Toby, reminded him of Steve McQueen, which I don’t really see. Maybe this is French’s homage, to Steve McQueen’s auto racing film, “Le Mans (1971)”.

Toby’s pure white jumper looks more like NASCAR. Notice the cheeky advertising. : )

Jim French, as we know, had a subversive, playful sense of humor. : )

This especially comes through, in this pensive, Toby photo as well. It’s so lyrical and poetic, but then you notice how big his schlong is – Yowza! : 0

I’ve always maintained that Toby would still have been a star, even without the big dick! The camera loved him! Like a number of other Colt models, he was romantically handsome!

Joe Gage was also a fan of his. On his website, he once joked that he stalked him. It’s curious; Joe Gage also talked about making a porn film, about auto racing. : )

I’m almost certain, that Toby must have done some professional modeling work, in his younger years. Like some of the Kristen Bjorn models, he seems so knowledgeable, on how to project toward the camera – work it, baby!

He had a Byronic presence – smoldering, brooding, dashing, sensual, and romantic!

Yet, he could also look surly, ravaged, and decadent – sleaze!

I know he did a fashion layout for Playgirl magazine, back in the day, sans nudity.

What sensual facial features – parisian is right, he does indeed look masculine and handsome, in this photo! But I still think he looked better with shorter hair, and a few years on him.

This publicity photo for “Chute” makes me swoon! I think he’s at his peak here – those long dimples and lashes!

He actually steals the spotlight from Al Parker. As parisian previously pointed out, Parker was also a fan. Toby here seems to be channeling the very young, Chad Everett:

This picture of him, with his hair slicked back, is also a favorite. His eyes seem to burn right through you – smoldering and brooding! He’s like a classic, literary antihero – Heathcliff or Rochester.

As I said before, uniform/mechanic jumpers are very flattering, on hot, well built guys!

They make the wearer; look especially cute and charming – endearing!

Tom of Finland, made me acutely aware of this – talk about “Full Service”!

(God, I hope these links, work!):

As for other “romper” films, I can also mention, “Grease Guns 2 (1997)”. That contains a sexy three-way with Cole Tucker, Jordan West, and Brad King.

In “Rangers (1984)”, Chris West as a forest ranger, seduces a couple of stock-car racers, played by Brad Peters and Shawn Easton.

One of my favorite intergenerational scenes occurs in “Magnified (1994)”, from All World Video. This garage loop was also included for the compilation video “G.I. Juice (1998)”. Have you seen it?

An older sergeant is looking to recruit “a few good men”. He proceeds to do that, by seducing a young mechanic. Alec Powers isn’t exactly one of my favorites, but lean and mean, Clint Benedict, makes this scene sizzle! Benedict was a fine, mature porn actor, with a terrific voice!

In Kristen Bjorn’s “ParaShooter (2004)”, Max Veneziano plays a parachutist who gets caught in a tree. He gets “help” from tall, black Brazilian, Paulao Do Picao. Sound familiar?

I totally agree with you about “Grease Guns (1993)”! I’ve seen this scene countless times – great picture choice! Aiden Shaw and Donnie Russo, contrast so effectively!

Shaw is reserved and dignified, while Russo, as usual, is raunchy and rude!

As of right now, I can’t think of other scenes with mechanics, race car drivers, or parachutists. I’m sure there are more examples that I like.

Garage scenes like pool-side scenes, are a staple of all-male porn. : )

I don’t find prison jumpers to be particularly sexy. Maybe it’s the color?

I certainly don’t agree that “orange is the new black”. : /

That being said, I did enjoy Jim Slade’s scene with Jake Gianelli in “Muscle Penitentiary (2003)”. I’m sure there are other examples.

Prison cell scenes, are also a staple of all-male porn. As you very well know!

Thanks again! ; )

I figured I should plead my case, on this separate post. : )

Oh my! Apparently I kicked a hornet’s nest. Not only do I have to contest BJ’s opinions, but some of his readers, as well! : /

But hey, I don’t mind. I fully welcome it! As I said before, I don’t mind dissent. It makes the conversation, lively and interesting!

We can disagree, without being disagreeable. Thank God, this isn’t The Data Lounge! : /

I’m actually rather moved, that parisian and Jimmy feel so protective of Toby. I also feel exactly the same way, toward some of my favorites!

Per my previous post above, I come to praise Toby, not denigrate him. I’m also a fan! Believe me; it comes from a place of love!

I want all my beloved porn stars and celebrities, to look their absolute best! That includes the ones, who I feel morally ambivalent about.

Even Toby himself, must have felt the pressure to look his best.

I discovered decades ago, why he never openly smiled. He had bad teeth. It makes sense, since he was from England. Hopefully, he later had them fixed.

I wonder if Woody from GEVI had a vendetta against him. Why would he choose such an unflattering picture, for his profile?

In theory, perfection can’t be achieved. It’s a standard, for which everyone should always strive for; even if they don’t succeed.

EVERYONE has pictures, which are less than flattering; even the most beautiful, among us. It takes time and experience, to develop taste and style. Some people never do. : (

But to quote Bette Midler:

“I do have standards, they may be low, but I do have them.” LOL!

I try to be objective and honest. I call it as I see it. What better way, to contrast the good and the bad? We queers are nothing, if not opinionated.

Porn is subjective anyway. What turns me on, won’t necessarily work for you. Anyone is entitled to think, I’m full of shit. : )

EVERYONE at one point or the other has been a casualty, of a bad haircut. I cringe, when I view my high school photos. I had long hair with a wispy mustache. Sheesh! What was I thinking?!

Sometimes it isn’t the length of the hair, but how it’s styled.

I adore Toby, but I can’t say this picture below, is one of my favorites. : /

His hair looks like a bob cut styled by Vidal Sassoon. I’m sorry, but yes, it looks girly – Oy! “Alpha”, Jimmy? Sorry, I don’t think so. : (

There are some pictures poses that are unmistakably “cheesecake” as opposed to “beefcake”.

Men should NEVER pose with their knees raised up, and held together, as they lean on their hands! The legs should always be spread!

I worship Jim French! He was a homo-erotic master! But he wasn’t infallible. Even he, had lapses of taste.

In this picture below, Toby’s dick looks awesome, but he still looks like he’s posing for the swimsuit edition, of Sports Illustrated. What was French thinking?!

(I hope this link works. I wish it wasn’t so small.)

But hey, I don’t hold these pictures against him. Not with his legacy! So many others compensate!

Even the most macho of film stars, sometimes let their guard slip. I totally respect and admire John Wayne and James Coburn, as movie stars. I worship masculinity, as I do beauty. But they too, weren’t infallible.

Get a load of this picture of James Coburn – Oh Mary! He’s dressed by Bill Blass, but it might as well be from “Ah Men”. Since it’s from 1968, I figured it must have been the drugs! LOL!

No doubt, everyone’s seen this picture of the Duke:

But I don’t hold these pictures against them, as well. I certainly don’t hold myself up as a paragon of masculinity, beauty, or virtue. I always say I’m a work in progress, even at this late age. LOL!

I’ve been corrupted by pop and Hollywood! I totally see the value in publicity and image making.

John Wayne’s real name was Marion Morrison. Cary Grant’s was Archibald Leach. Neither Lucille Ball nor Rita Hayworth, were real redheads. But all of them were fabulous!

Isn’t that, what it’s all about? I know I sound like an old fogey, but I think yesterday’s stars, were more compelling, sensual, and powerful! I want my porn stars, to be that, as well. I love glamour!

I just don’t see the appeal, of a lot of today’s stars. I’ll be kind and classy, and not mention them.

So in short, I rate, but not to alienate! I score, but not to floor! I tease, but just to please! I judge, but not because I have a grudge! I critique, but not because I’m effete! I assess, but not to mess!

I hope this post was clear. Love you all, mean it!

Peace. ; )

jesus fuckin christ, man! too much to reply to!

– John Wayne with mooseknuckle!
– vint70s-lvr pic of TOBY – not the best, but…. that uncut cock inches away from the cigarette IS sexy!
– GEVI pic – yes, terrible – its not like its hard to find good TOBY pics online!
– alpha male – not terminology I would use, but I’m with Jimmy here!
– “sports illustrated” pic – haha! yes, not best, but I think he was going for maximizing the COCK (like Toby needs help!)

– old stars versus new – I get it, but I just think “old stars” that we look at today are the one’s that lasted in the public / fans eyes – if you want ugly porn from the 70’s – I can show you! (but not in a post, as I don’t want my website to get tarnished)

I guess I was the only one not invited to the party last night!

I certainly didn’t mean to give that impression. I just got so excited by things Obsessed brought up, and went over-the-top. It was late at night, and I just couldn’t seem to stop. Obsessed can be very stimulating and gets very enthusiastic too, but I’ll control myself better.

Toby has a good number of photos with cigarettes making an already hot picture even sexier, and there are several of the best in the Colt Men # 1. The GEVI is one of the few bad ones, I doubt he was being petty, just lazy–that one is on the box of the dvd, I believe and I’ve seen it a lot, and do agree it’s bad of Toby, much better of Parker. Now that I remember it larger, I think that’s one of the ones where you do see Toby’s teeth, which don’t look good. I wonder why he didn’t get them fixed–wouldn’t have been difficult. In the example I gave when they are laughing toward the end of Chute, they don’t look bad, but they were taken at the same time, and I can’t remember any others of his teeth. Wonder if that’s why he didn’t make any actual movies–like he was a silent porn movie actor only. There may be a moment after they get out of the tree and Al first starts sucking him that he throws back his head and you see the teeth which definitely make him look less handsome.

Awwwwww (as you’d say), how sweet of you to say that. I really wasn’t sure what you felt about crazies like me and Obsessed sometimes getting a little over-enthusiastic, and yesterday I thought I must have really wanted escape from the horrors of last week that I couldn’t pull myself away from, so Obsessed fabulously endless posts just released me from that.

But, as I said, I don’t think such things are appropriate very often–I think I was so wound up and couldn’t do some studies I’ve gotten addicted to (on Minoan and Mycaenean civilization–1500 B.C. Crete palaces with original thrones, thinks like that and Nova’s The Planets knock me out, but D.C. hurt everybody. I was just so thankful beloved Pelosi went to General Milley to talk about the nuclear codes, but when I found all of O’s posts, it just unplugged me in such a pleasant way.

We love you, B.J., and I’ve been wanting to tell you how much I like your 2008 jockstrap picture much more than the earlier one–so much more BUTCH! You’re a fucking National Treasure, just like Obsessed said about Ella.

As for you parisian, what’s to be done, about the French? : )

Once again, you impress me. As I said before, you’re a man after my own heart!

You like all-male porn, movies, music, and you can quote Sartre!

What’s not to like? I’ll wait and see if you’re husband material. I’d marry BJ, but too often, I find him exasperating. (“Honestly!”)

Of course, you do know that Lorenz Hart, the lyricist of “Thou Swell (1927)”, was “family”?

Whenever possible, I like to indulge, in a little homosexual, chauvinism.

I always maintain, that only a gay man could have written the rueful, tender lyrics, to “My Funny Valentine (1937)”.

“You make me smile with my heart.” : )

In my opinion, Hart was the second, greatest lyricist, of American show tunes. The first was Cole Porter. As you know, he too, was “family”!

I’m not surprised, that you’re also a fan of Ella Fitzgerald!

She was a national treasure! She didn’t look divine, but when she sang, she WAS divine!

This all comes back full circle – six degrees of separation.

Per our last discussion about Doris Day, she cited Fitzgerald, as a major influence. Day first started out as a dancer, but after a car accident, she switched to singing.

I forgot to tell you this last time, but no less than Aretha Franklin, thought Doris Day was underrated! I love learning this!

But as usual, I digress…

You probably already heard this. Here’s Ella singing “Lover Man (Oh, Where Can You Be?) (1941)”. It’s on the Andy Williams show – Sept. 11, 1966. The sound quality is amazing!

I think this is achingly beautiful! It actually brings tears to my eyes! Her phrasing, control, timing, and pitch – divine!

It pierces your soul!

I’m going to go out on a limb, and proclaim, it’s as good as the original by Billie Holiday, if not BETTER!

OH NO! There I go again! Kicking a hornet’s nest! Me and my big fat mouth!

; )

Obsessed, that felt so good, I’m changing my name to Parisian. It’s more…correcte…anyway…

As for ‘what to do about the French’, I am not sure what you mean, but I do know what I have done with many of them, mostly in the year in Paris, though. I’ve known very few in NYC, although there was a lovely French hairdresser who fucked me on the carpet of the Adonis behind that same ‘bar’ that you see in A Night at the Adonis, one where Jack Wrangler and his buddies sashay past with the ‘Moonlight Serenade’ background. I had a good bit of action back in that area, including a luscious Puerto Rican with an asshole like a delicious Water Chestnut, so delicious was it–that I sucked it and then fucked it, then made him come in my mouth! He said: “Ya want milk?” What’s a boy to say to an offering like that? I tend to err when it comes to temptation.

The year in Paris I had sex with some of the most gorgeous men I’ve ever known, and I’ve never been found so constantly to be as attractive in New York as I did in Paris–I was more like them than I was the leather-bar-scene types here–early Eagle’s Nest serious S & M was not my thing. But there were so many, Laurent Laclos, who is in one film, but you only see him at the very end frigging his enormous Prick, which I had been privy to suck off toward the end of my year. He was primarily the assistant director to Philippe Valois in their film Johan, and I’ve wondered why he didn’t perform more–but here is his face, and you’ll see why I thought 3 times was not nearly enough, he was butch as hell and had a deep whiskey voice that reminded me of Tom Jones: The other (and then I’ll stop boasting so much about my Sex Career) was a beautiful photographer whom I met at La Mendigotte, on the rue de l’Hotel de Ville on the Right Bank, a few blocks from where I lived at the Cite des Arts–Paris had these very elegant gay restaurants, and grunge was never the thing (although I’m sure there was a leather scene.) I want to mention Francois, because it was the longest affair I had while in Paris, and the sex we had was totally unique–there was absolutely no sense of top and bottom–never, not once: We both fucked and sucked each other to literally pretentious delirium every night we spent together. I was 20, they were both about 26 or 28.

Now, this is such a veritable piñata you’ve brought us, literally bursting with Pleasure, that I’m going to respond to all of it, but since I can’t remember all of it without having it all on the screen at once, I will first respond to the things I remember and then go back, making probably 2 posts, because it’s all so interesting.

But, as they say, and I don’t like the phrase much.,..”I digress” (and indulge).. but I couldn’t resist the giddiness which you’ve released–really the most charming series you’ve ever written. But so much material, and I can’t see them all at once unless I put up 6 windows, which I may end up doing anyway

I’ll just start at random with your remarks on Toby. I also cannot see any resemblance to Steve McQueen–couldn’t believe Jim French, as his brilliant photographer for so many of those 30ish years, would see that. McQueen was charismatic, but has none of the natural English beauty of Toby. I was interested that you mentioned he had ‘bad teeth’. There is one moment toward the end of that last long segment with Parker worshipping him that he starts talking and has this big smile, venomously English like a ‘V’, which is very beautiful and keen–it seems to happen when Parker’s beard must have been tickling him, and Parker is smiling a lot too, loves the work. I think Toby was about 6 years older, already with a lover, from whom he never parted, I think he was a producer. They were rich together. He is such a Male Legend, and hardly had to lift a finger to become one–think how few loops he made and how few magazines even. You never hear him speak, which I would have liked to have heard, nor is he ever involved in any *Divine Sodomy* in the films. Usually sucked, but sometimes sucks–as with Parker a little in Chute and that younger fellow in Workout, Morgan Winner. It’s very exciting when he suddenly sucks Parker–you’re not expecting it.

I just refreshed myself on Chad Everett, and can see what you mean, although Chad was more cute than smolderingly handsome. But yeah, he’s gorgeous in that publicity photo, definitely swoonworthy. I agree that the camera loves him, but I can’t separate this magnificent instrument from the rest of him, frankly. Oh, perish the thought! He was a fucking masterpiece. A fuck-masterpiece.

I was teasing Jimmy a little bit, because it was so cute that he would literally swoon right in front of us like that…but as for you two and the ‘alpha’, he definitely has it when it comes to the nonchalance and confidence–and especially in Chute, totally relaxed and takes worship for granted, and gets it.

The one you call ‘pensive’ is fabulous, nothing further to be said, but I also like those two you’re not so fond of. Definitely English 19th c. type, ‘Byronic’ and romantic, I agree on all that. But the ‘Sassoon hair’ one I love, he looks so boyish and delectable. The ‘swimsuit Sports Illustrated’ happens to be one of my very favourites, looks totally English, maybe even 18th c., I wrote about it on a blog I did for some years–the English hadn’t become prudish and Victorian in the 18th c. I’ll make some remarks on the other music and movie things you brought up, but do you know the score of On a Clear Day You Can See Foreververy well–I didn’t get here early enough to see it on Broadway, but it’s a gorgeous score, and I think the movie is Streisand’s worst–she doesn’t even sing well in it. Anyway, there’s this character from the 18th c. part, Edward Moncrief, who sings ‘She Wasn’t You’, probably the best song in the show (and left out of the movie so Barbra could overdo–worked for Funny Girl and Hello, Dolly! (I’m one of the few who thinks that’s her best movie, couldn’t get a better yenta), but I thought awful in On a Clear Day.. But the LP I’ve listened to most of my life–not only Clifford David as Moncrief, but also Barbara Harris so much better than Streisand as Daisy Gamble, and John Cullum as the doctor (I’ve seen him in shows when he was much older, but he was very handsome and sang beautifully way back in the 60s, and Harris was especially charming in songs like “Hurray! It’s Lovely Up Here”. But I find that one to be almost unreal, especially the angle of the Prick is so beautiful, and he was obviously versatile. Probably saved fucking for his lover, but does suck Parker’s ass at the end of Chute. Another personal indulgence: I had a lover who started with me just before I went to Paris and then afterward for 4 years who had a lot of this Byronic aristocratic handsomeness, was also a francophile like me, and was even half-French though American, but said that “I can’t make it with them”. This I could not understand, and never will. But I had a music colleague, whom I didn’t find so handsome, but a lot of people did, also said the same thing, he couldn’t stand Paris or the French. He’s a successful flutist, and I used to work with him many years ago.

Okay, I know I’m being outrageous just like you, but since it’s on the second page, I don’t think B.J. minds. He’s never said he thought we were ‘hijacking his blog’. Someone else was worried about that, but normally I’ve stopped writing long posts by now. This is different, because you were just overflowing–maybe even with CUM, I hope so. So we can do the occasional exception, especially if it’s not right at the top. So I’ll let this Prick Post shoot off, and write some responses to your singer and movie messages.

I definitely agree about the greater glamour of the old stars. I was chatting with someone about something I found out later a lot of people thought: That Garbo and Coop should have made a movie together. I’m sure it was all studio entanglement, because they were the best-looking to my mind of the period. Dietrich was glamorous, not as great an actress as Garbo–till she sang in that singular otherworldly way. But there were lots more and even going up into more recent (but still, by now, ancient) like Angie Dickinson (incredible in Dressed to Kill), Audrey Hepburn (wonderful with Cooper in Love in the Afternoon), Ava Gardner, Rossano Brazzi, Alain Delon, Louis Jourdan, Robert Mitchum (so utterly MACHO and cool). Lookswise, I can’t think of any of the women except Michelle Pfeiffer, and she’s no longer young, may have been the last one to have that glamour-look, although Catherine Deneuve definitely is total STAR like the old Hollywood ones, and is my all-time favourite female actress (even in recent movies–startling her output, and she’s very funny about all of her celebrity).

As for porn glamour, there are some whom I thought more glamorous back in the day, which I mentioned to B.J. on his wonderful recent ‘Dino’ post–B.J. has himself brought back knockout beauties of my type that I never heard of back then. As also mentioned, I’m shameless about some of the modern boys when they’re really like bionic bodies, especially some of the tops. But I won’t mention them by name, you would definitely not like my very favourite of the current ones, who’s on Bromo–he’s got things you don’t tolerate in great profusion. There are boys on Lucas Entertainment and Machofucker I adore as well. (I think that superhung Puerto Rican from an old 70s mag B.J. posted was ‘john Long’..I think ‘Long Dong’ was somebody else, a black straight guy from the 70s, not sure), whom I also hadn’t heard of–not only fantastic Prick, but such hard muscles, it was like he had ‘muscles inside muscles’. And I find it so interesting that the guys here like B.J. and maybe you and many others, revere so many guys from my period, and it’s just my ‘endless adolescent’ personality that makes me lust for some of the younger ones–and sometimes I still get attention from those in their 30s, 40s, 50s.

Yes, Lorenz Hart was the cleverest lyricist ever–I love the obscene, totally decadent lyrics to “Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered”, which Ella does so fabulously: “Lost my heart, but what of it, He is cold I agree…He can laugh, but I love it, although the laugh’s on me.”

Porter was a great lyricist and also an incredibly enthusiastic cocksucker, who would hire line-ups of hustlers and literally *drink* them all. It’s documented in Scotty Bowers’s book, which you may want to read if you haven’t. Scotty himself excited Vivien Leigh so much with his dick, that she made him fuck her right, pulled him back when he was about to leave. Michael Musto, whom B.J. will remember well from The Village Voice (perhaps you as well), wrote this up about Cole Porter in the 90s–the punchline was “and he swallowed too!”

Sondheim is a great lyricist, I guess is homosexual, but I’ve never heard much gossip, definitely not in a long while. Better lyricist than composer, I think, especially for Gypsy and West Side Story, although I did love Company and Follies, which I saw in the original productions (genius at bringing back Dorothy Collins for Follies.)

As for Ella, I think almost all of her stylings are at the top, but especially love two in the ‘Harold Arlen Songbook’ (that was a great B’way composer): ‘Let’s Fall in Love” and “Hooray for Love”, the latter with great lyrics by Leo Robin. I like a good bit of Porter, but not songs like “Don’t Fence Me In” or “In the Still of the Night”. Loved Sinatra doing ‘Just One of Those Things’ in Young at Heart with Doris Day, though. And he had a way with “I’ve Got You Under My Skin”.

So I guess I find a few of the contemporary homosexual models to be as hot as the old ones (and sometimes more so), but in so-called ‘legit’, I find the men especially to be much less sexy. I don’t find Ryan Gosling attractive so much, and did not like La La Land at all–although I do love L.A., where I assume you live. I used to go every Xmas, when it’s so cool and deep-blue sky.

Also French: You might want to listen to some Gilbert Becaud and Charles Trenet if you haven’t. I imagine you’ve heard some of it. But, with exception of Piaf, we heard little of French pop music in the U.S. I simply cannot get into many contemporary pop singers, either male or female. I’m ‘old-fogey’ when it comes to Taylor Swift and Lady Gaga. Don’t dislike them so much as I don’t pay any attention to them.

Anyway, many kisses to B.J. for letting me and Obsessed go outrageously on- and off-topic. It’s a delight, and you join in with us when you have time. I know you have the constant research on the 70s-80s movies and mags, which you offer to us so generously. You and Obsessed, as I said before, are both much more knowledgeable than I am, and didn’t even know about some of these sources.

Another porn star, who may still be working, but porn careers are definitely for the very youngest usually, is Fredric Ford, who was with Ricky Martinez, that hung, quite loud Puerto Rican who can suck himself beautifully. Ford was Lucky Pierre in ‘Trunks’ with Martinez fucking him and he fucks Alex Fuerte–beautiful scene. I managed to catch Ford at a club two nights in Chelsea, and sucked him off. Amazingly, did the same thing the following night. I’ve had a couple of porno guys, including when I used to stay at the Coral Sands in Hollywood. Totally a Lust Incarnation during the 00s, but by 2010 was family-friendly. Do you know this place? It used to be full of fucking, and you could keep the windows open and be shameless. I went there for 10 years. Tried the San Vicente once in W. Hollywood, but didn’t think it nearly so hot. We have nothing like the Coral Sands in NYC. I feel so fortunate to have gotten to stay there, and it was simple but lovely overlooking a Chinese garden with 2 royal palms in it. Some rented by the hour, so it was something of a hustler place, and I met a few, but didn’t have to pay. I’ve never paid for sex but once, in 2010, or rather 4 times and he was so much younger it was even appropriate, and I was paid a few times when much younger, although never did it regularly.

All the best, this was altogether a ROMP.


He would have made a perfect Freddy Eynsford-Hill in My Fair Lady I don’t know anything about his other artistic abilities except that he drew and painted, and that was from that friend in the long-defunct Colt site, about 2010 or 2011.

[comment wouldn’t take, said ‘duplicate’ but wasn’t, so I’ll try again, is very brief. If it does come up at some point, do please delete one of them.]

Toby looks like he’d make a perfect Freddy Eynsford-Hill in My Fair Lady. You know, in the original Pygmalion, Eliza does marry Freddy, doesn’t go back to Professor Higgins. Would look great as Farmer Oak in the old Alan Bates part with Julie Christie in Far From the Madding Crowd as well.

[Somehow I had airplane mode on, which always does such wonderful ruinous things. I’ll make a combination of the two posts so as to include both informations, and you can delete both of the above. They must have shown to other viewers, but were invisible to me.]

Toby looks like he’d make a perfect Freddy Eynsford-Hill in My Fair Lady. You know, in the original Pygmalion, Eliza does marry Freddy, doesn’t go back to Professor Higgins. (Now they have her walk out the aisle in the audience toward no man, due to one of #MeToo’s horrible oppressions–they just weren’t mostly like Weinstein.) Would look great as Farmer Oak in the old Alan Bates part with Julie Christie in Far From the Madding Crowd as well.

I don’t know anything about his other artistic abilities except that he drew and painted, and that was from that friend in the long-defunct Colt site, about 2010 or 2011. He loved beautiful things, and had an antique shop ‘Belgravia’ on Melrose, for 10 years.

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