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Karl Forest?

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the above image I nabbed from an eBay auction – GAI PIED #313 – no info on the magazine, (late 1980’s?) but I can see Michel Guillot credited as the photographer. I think it’s Karl Forest … see the handful of images I have of him below to see if you agree. Then, if it is, is it worth the $12 with shipping to get a better quality version, if that is the only image of him in the magazine?

Of course, Le Beau Mec is one of my Top Ten all-time favorite porno films – and he’s in only one ( Hommes Entre Eux– AKA Men Between Themselves) or two (In Tense Heat – not clear if he is actually in it) other porno films, and a small role in a “legit” film – Johan (1976), which I have yet to see.

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Doesn’t look like him to me, or maybe it’s an older photo. It reminds me of someone, and I can’t figure who that is. Doesn’t have the energy of the photos of Forest you posted. Forest was in Johan from 1976, that’s the one that one of my boyfriends in Paris co-directed. (It wasn’t mostly porn, although there was some nudity and jerking off, so didn’t go the porno circuit.) That would have been before Le Beau Mec,, which was about 1980, as I recall, and which I saw several times after it opened at the Adonis. The face seems even more extraordinary and rare from your stills than I’d remembered it.

I think it’s the nose that makes me definitely not recognize this fellow as Forest, not just that he doesn’t have the electric virility. The tattoos don’t match either, from what I can tell, and in the movie Forest doesn’t have chest hair (or any body hair) as this guy does. But who knows, I just don’t see that it is. Yeah, it was a very sexy, otherworldly movie.

I can send you my dvd of Johan If I want it back after you’ve watched it, I’ll enclose a smaller padded envelope pre-stamped. The least I can do for all the wonderful, energetic work you do. You’ll even see my bf. in it briefly twice, including his Prick toward the end!

It’s just as likely I want need it back, I’m satisfied with that photo of him I linked a week or so ago. And, also, I’ve only seen it once because I don’t right now have a dvd player, and unlikely to get a new one. I do have a wonderful antique vcr set within a television, which is a bit eccentric–and still order from Amazon and watch.

I could mail it to you within a week or two. I looked for your email, which I’m sure I’ve seen, but couldn’t find it just now. I had to change emails (too dull a story), but I think you can see mine. If you’d like it, I’d love to share it with you, and you could email me, and I’ll email back so as to get your mailing address. It’s definitely a worthwhile film.

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