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I know there are some readers who don’t care much for the pornstars who model bad 70’s clothes posts…. but I can’t hold back on this one! I only wish I had nabbed that copy of the 1974 Leather N Things catalog when it looked affordable on eBay a few weeks back. (I still see a $500 asking price for one – ouch!) “Leather’n’Things, the leather clothing store at 4079, 18th Street, on the corner of Castro and 18th Street, in San Francisco.” Gosh, actually to have the photos themselves, without the catalog verbiage…..there’s one with a gun holster (the “man’s man holster” – with gun, of course) – but his ass in jeans, a glimpse of his hairy back…. Actually, while the zippered briefs below isn’t something I could wear, he pulls them off well. I didn’t see a bad outfit in the 6 or 7 pics I’ve seen from that catalog.

a bit more Ledermeister in leather; and of course my recent Paul Gerrior post from a couple weeks back.

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I tell ya, BJ! We must be connecting through psychic energy!

Believe it or not, I was going to bring this catalogue up in my next response, to a Ledermeister post, which you brought up. But for about the third or fourth time, you beat me to it!

We seem to be on the same wavelength, repeatedly! This can’t be a coincidence! As I’ve said before, I’ve given up, trying to keep up with you. How I wish, I wasn’t pressed for time and sleep!

There are three more of your previous Ledermeister posts, to which I’ve never responded. I will in the future, time permitting. At least I don’t have to bring this catalogue up. : )

I have a hard time letting him go! : (

Right after he died, I Googled Paul Gerrior, and a number of Ebay bids for “Leather ‘N’ Things”, popped up! I was going to let you know. : )

Wow, just look at his chest and arms! I don’t remember him being this massive! And look at his thighs in the second picture! Grrrrrr!

As I said before, depending on the context, he could look either friendly or menacing – Papa Bear or Executioner!

Yes, of course the zippered briefs are ridiculous! But like Gordon Grant in his girly Ah Men jeans, his virility, transcends it – the ultimate Daddy!

Your description of other pictures from this catalogue, made my mouth water! I look forward to your next Ledermeister post!

Paul Gerrior has passed on, but Ledermeister will live on forever! : 0

As I’ve said before, the presence of such beautiful men as Gordon Grant and Ledermeister, is proof enough for me, that God exists! Talk about intelligent design!

Farewell My Beautiful Beast! : )

Mr. Paul Gerrior, may you rest in peace.

; )

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