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Vector April 1973

cleaning up my “drafts” folder – 125 draft posts! published a couple, deleted a couple, and see that sometimes, you wait so long, an article disappears from the internet – like this one – Vector Magazine – San Francisco in the 1960s & 1970s – alas

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BJ, It’s so weird that you posted this. I was lost in the woods the other night (AKA surfing the internet for vintage porn) and I was on some other guy’s blog (sorry). This other guy (whose name and blog I have completely forgotten now, sorry other guy) had posted an amusing ad for a gay computer dating service that was from a 1968 issue of Vector magazine. I had never heard of Vector magazine, and I thought I knew about all the mags! And I had no idea that there were computer dating services in 1968. The ad headline: “How to Meet Mr Right” and “Stop Trying to Fit a Round Peg Into a Square Hole.” Very amusing. And how quaint is the idea of a dating service that doesn’t require a naked selfie to get a man’s attention!

Anyway, thanks for giving me more Vector. I feel like maybe we are feeling around in the same dark places on the internet! That cover is a beautiful sight. I’m sorry that article no longer exists. Maybe I’ll go down another rabbit hole searching for more about Vector magazine. The gay internet is the only upside to insomnia.

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