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Joe Andrews

while not the best quality photograph (it could be that it’s an eBay capture, not a personal scan; or just the lighting is off), I think the pose is awesome – calf bulging, dangling cock, the boots – I could go on!

Is is time for a videography? 6 films, including Box Boy, should be easy enough. Meanwhile, more Joe Andrews

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YES! Ever since I saw Joe Andrews with the amazing Dick Fisk in “Help Wanted,” he’s been a favorite. I guess I have a lot of favorites.

So that Joe Anderson pic from the earlier post, was that a photo from Nova’s “Box Boy?” It’s driving me crazy.

Thank you for this lovely Joe photo! The pose is indeed awesome.

I’m intrigued by “The Drifter”, a 45-minute video release that looks like an early SOV semi-loop a la RAWHIDE (1981). Joe Andrews with J.W. King?! What a bummer this seems to have vanished into obscurity.

Oh yes! I agree. I’m a big fan of Joe Andrews, but I’ve never seen that one. Joe Andrews and Jim King…I can only imagine. Bummer indeed! I’ll have to hope that it still exists somewhere.

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