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Entenn Stutzhoff


Seems to have first appeared in a 1975 catalogue, advertising still photos and his only film – Alter Ego . (Who do we think is other guy in the film? Richard Locke, who seems to be the only model to appear with Stutz in still photos? – anyone have COLT VT-302 or Best of Colt 14?) Also appeared in COLT MEN 4 (1978), and COLT SPURS #14. The man is smokin’ – but – – – hear me out! What’s with the stray cat? (there’s another pic with a goat – what the…??) and the leather cap/jacket is hot, but the backdrop – abandoned kitchen furniture? Better that we get to see the range, then just the handful of best shots, I suppose, right? And Richard Locke gobbling down on him while we get to see his butthole – priceless!

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Oh, but I love that pussycat (and that’s an impressive, proud one), and the pose with the wooden plank, or whatever it is. Never heard of him before. He’s also gorgeous and sooooo NAKED with the guy with the cap leaning against the concrete (I think) wall and exulting in his love of his own exhibitionism.

But do agree those chairs look about as tacky as possible, although so dumb that they’re there it’s kind of funny.

Not to slight Mr. Stutzhoff’s butthole, but what a great picture of Mr. Locke’s beautiful dick.

Ha! Those are some weird choices for Jim French, but I honestly never noticed because I couldn’t look away from Mr. Stutz.

I did used to have Best of Colt 14 and I don’t think his co-star in Alter Ego was Richard Locke. Simply because their body types aren’t similar enough and the theme of the film loop was that he was fucking himself, right? That said, I have no idea who may have costarred. Another tantalizing mystery.

Where did you get his full name? I have it as “Hans Entenn Stutzhof” but I can’t remember my source for that.

Let me throw this one at you: I have a theory that Colt model Stutz and Target print model Ted Brennan were one and the same. I have no evidence to support this other than having spent a lot of time comparing photos of the two men. To my eye, they are so alike they must be the same man. I’ve gone back and forth on this and second guessed myself often, but I keep coming back to it. It’s driving me crazy. The thing is, if it were true, why isn’t it public record? If anyone has any evidence that disputes this theory, I will happily accept it and close the case for good. Until then, I will continue to indulge my admittedly wishful supposition that they were the same man.

What do you think????

ha! i spent a good amount of time before posting dealing with that very same idea – in fact, have some pics mislabeled as “STUTZ” when they are Brennan – setting that aside for a moment – I got the name from a COLT advertisement for the photos and 8mm film.

and of course COLT and TARGET did use many of the same models – so that adds to the mystery – I’ll let others chime in – it’s making me dizzy comparing cocks, faces, butts!

Me too! If you look too long, you go cross-eyed.

Maybe I’ll keep trying to research this. Thanks for listening anyway!

Stutz and the Target model Brenan are not the same man. Brenan is cut, while Stutz is not cut but skinned back.

well THAT’s embarrassing! what kind of homosexuals are we that didn’t compare their actual cocks!!!!

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