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young butt full

from the SUREY STUD series, written by Scott McBride (who also wrote Pride, Integrity, GAY! and Man’s Country for Blueboy Library, Lavender Triangle Murders, Hang’em Low, Kentucky Stud, and others.

(oops!Young Full Butt) Young Butt Full first published in 1974, not sure date for this second edition – GAY191 – (but with Keith as cover model, must be late 1980’s or 1990’s) cover model is none other than Keith Ardent, who you may remember from such videos as Big Mack, Forty Plus, Cross Wire, and a personal favorite from Palm Drive Video9-Inch Pec Stud In Black Rubber – see pic below

Surree Stud Series.

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Young Full Butt first published in 1974, not sure date for this second edition”

It gets even better: Was the 1974 publication called Young Full Butt and changed to Young Butt Full in the second edition?

I love the title too, one of the funniest I’ve ever seen. But while the cover man is sublime, I would like them to have put a photo reflecting the title in fucking.

It’s also hilarious because it makes you think “Did they mean something like ‘Young, Yet Full…” or ‘Young Buttful’ or ‘Young Full Butt’ or ‘Young Full Butt’…Well, the possibilities aren’t exactly endless, but there are a few.

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