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scene 4 – Gold Rush Boys

Director: Steve Scott (1983)

the full running time is 72 minutes running time – but many VHS and DVD versions seem to have only 60 minutes!

Starring: Kurt Williams, Mike Braun, Ben Barker, Nick Jarrett, Joe Reeves, Rick Faulkner, Lee Adams, Jay Cole, Brian Nichols, Paul Monroe, J W King

This scene with Joe Reeves (best known for his scene in HUGE 1 and Boys of Company F.) is a highlight – handsome, lightly hairy body, very affectionate and sensual for a whore house! Joe chooses the new guy, Kurt Williams. Slow body licking, oral, and then Joe tops, all the while kissing and holding Kurt. Many version of the VHS and later DVD have this scene chopped up – but not here!

you may remember there was some discussion in the comments section for the other Kurt Williams about this film and this scene.

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Great scene, Christopher Reeve … whoops I mean JOE ReeveS (lol) was hot in the films I’ve seen him in, like this one and Huge. I made comments to you before about the Kurt Williams who was his scene partner here, his furry butt and legs and the innocent quality to his performance in this film turned me on a lot.

too often I’ve seen lazy duplications – MANY “vintage” HIS titles seem to get pared down to 60 minutes, as if the 90 minute blank tapes ere too expensive; I also think they may have lost reels, and didn’t care. I actually returned my rental for El Paso Wrecking Corp as a good 20 minutes was missing – demanded a refund, and they just didn’t want to check on the big video monitors in the store.

So true. I had so many of those horribly edited HIS videotapes. It took a long time before I realized that they were known for this, so there was nothing I could do. So frustrating.

Thank you so much BJ baby, for this COMPLETE scene – bravo! I concur that it’s one of the film’s highlight! I’ve never forgotten it! It truly shows Joe Reeves, at his absolute, gorgeous best – what a doll! : P

I love his slow strip at the beginning of their tryst. What a smooth, lean physique – no body fat, whatsoever!

I also love when Reeves commands Williams to roll over – his cute, fuzzy butt and thighs! Director Scott knew the importance of genuine sensuality and timing.

Joe and Kurt look so marvelous together – such adorable chemistry! Their body colorings contrast beautifully – one dark, one fair. Williams’ brown hair almost looks auburn.

Ah, there’s a lovely, dreamy moment, when they first kiss! In their close-up profiles, you notice how long and thick, both of their eyelashes are, especially Williams’!

This scene also ends in a lovely moment, as they once again kiss and cuddle, then close their eyes and hold each another – another “Ah” merited! How sweet! : )

Steve Scott was indeed one of the best directors of vintage gay porn. He was so eclectic in his tastes – hunks, hotties, rough, tender, dramatic, humorous, raunchy, romantic, he did it ALL!

Okay, now that I’ve praised and thanked you, it’s time for your REPRIMAND! : /

YOU NEED IT! SPANKY! SPANKY! Remember, daddy still loves you! This hurts me more than it does you! : (

Honestly BJ, you don’t have to treat Kurt Williams, like he was an afterthought! He ain’t chopped liver! You short shrift him, just like you did with Ryan Kilgore/Joe Kelly, in his Target photos with Rod Mitchell!

Remember, it takes two to tango! Joe Reeves isn’t in this scene, by himself!

Let me thank “zephyr” for complimenting Williams, in this lovely scene. He deserves all the praise that you stingingly, withheld! : /

Oh, “Shame, shame, shame, shame, shame – shame on you!” I don’t know if you can dance too? ; )

I can’t understand why you can’t warm up to this winsome, hedonistic hottie! : (

Does your loyalty to the other “Kurt Williams”, with the cobra tattoo, blind you to his obvious charms? I’m certain that I and “zephyr” aren’t his only fans – cute as a kitten!

I think that THIS Kurt Williams was absolutely adorable – just wonderful! : )

Such a frisky little critter – alternately shy and aggressive! He had a great, “Aw-shucks!” quality! Yet he was still greedy and horny – a reliably great performer! You can tell this bumpkin loved sex! : )

Let me be clear though, despite his boyish voice, he still was ALL MALE! He was a HOTTIE, not an effeminate twink!

As I’ve said before, I tend to prefer daddies, bull-studs, and hunks! But I still have a soft spot, for porn hotties and stud-muffins! : )

Their main strength and distinction are warmth and charm. During the ‘80s, both Nova Films and William Higgins would feature quite a number of these cute little pups!

They manage to bring, just a touch of innocence to an industry that was anything but! : (

Kurtie the cutie also has a hot scene in the opening, with Mike Braun, who plays the “Madam” of the bordello. Williams wearing”Long Johns”, looks so endearing during his job interview! : )

We can all agree that Braun was a Porn Divo! Aside from being a fantastic porn performer, he was also that rare thing, a fantastic actor!

It only makes sense that Mr. Kincaid (Mike Braun) would sample the goods himself, before hiring him!
: P

As Joe Gage said it, “Intergenerational can be sensational!”

“Gold Rush Boys (1983)” is indeed a vintage classic! There’s something for everyone!

(Note to you, BJ honey. This website is fantastic!):

Kurt Williams’ other film of distinction, was “The Young Olympians (1982)” also by William Higgins. He has three hot scenes – future post? : )

This should be of interest to you and “zephyr”. There’s a catchy title dance tune, played during the credits by Costello Prestley. : )

“I’ve got a hunger for what you got! I like to see you, get real hot!”

Can’t say I’m a fan of pale, goofy-looking, Johanne Scott. But Kurt, that horny little devil, makes this scene sizzle – those lashes and eyebrows! It’s so nasty and raunchy! : P

I’m certain that Retro Studs follows you! Thank you Buck Naked!

My favorite scene though, is the one with sensually ripe, Derek Novak!

Note to Parisian: Another stud-muffin! I especially like the last picture square, on the bottom right. It highlights Kurt’s high cheekbones, as he’s jacking off! : )

There’s also a scene on the beach, which he shares with short Lance Whitman, that’s quite moving. In Kurt’s film narration, it’s clear that Lance is his first love, despite all his schtupping around. : )

As you scroll down to the fifth picture box, you’ll find a rare, fucking picture of Kurt, topping Lance.

I also remember another lovely moment in the film, as both of them are standing on the windy beach, toward the end. They’re huddled together for warmth, inside a sleeping bag. : )

Kurt swaddles Lance with the sleeping bag, using his arm in a swooping, fraternal gesture – the “Ahs!” are endless! Williams was such a snuggle bunny – such a pussycat! : )

Okay, I’ve made my case praising the unheralded, Kurt Williams. I leave it to you and your readers, to agree with me or not.

You know I love you BJ. But there are times, when you simply need to be set straight – tough love!

Do you think I like to scold you, BJ? (Actually, I do. *giggle*)

You know this won’t be the last time! : )

I’m always pressed for time and sleep. If only I could respond to every one of your wonderful posts!

When will viewers learn, that when it come to all-male porn, I am simply RIGHT! : I

(“Yeah, right.” “Sure, Jan”.)

; )

I love your posts, Obsessed, and miss them when you can’t even come here on weekends.

You’re such a *Romantic!*

“Intergenerational can be sensational!”

It can be, but usually for short-term. I don’t even know how many tempestuous affairs I’ve had with older and younger, but I do think people the same age usually understand things the same way better, so it can be more agreeable. On the other hand, the Love of My Life was 17 years older than me.

But for porn heat, older+younger can be the best. As Mae West said “Too much of a good thing can be truly won-dah-ful….”

1) it’s loyalty to the ORIGINAL “Kurt Williams”!
2) are you reading my drafts folder again? (re: Ryan Kilgore / Joe Kelly)
3) I keep trying to like William Higgins – but too many of those 1978-1983 camera angles and too-close close-ups are hard to take!
4) i’m sure there’s a 4 – but I must skidaddle to work!

I’m so glad I saw this comment, obsessed, I don’t always follow what everyone has to say across each post. If it’s an old post that doesn’t already have a comment I know that’s a good way to get BJ’s attention, but when people like you (and me sometimes) type a lot I don’t always follow, or even see them.

Yes indeed on this Kurt Williams, I find him super sexy in his scenes in this film. The furry butt and legs we have both mentioned, nice dick and facial features, plus the innocent, subservient way he delivers his lines, it’s just breathtaking. I have Young Olympians bookmarked and plan on watching it again soon to see if I remember it, in addition to Kurt I’ll be on the lookout (hear-out?) for more Costello music, who I guess I’ve talked about enough that I appreciate any leads. His early period, up until about 85 when the films were still shot on film, seems better and more original to me, than what he did later. The music in Cousins, Route 69, Members Only and These Bases Are Loaded was made using various synths including a LinnDrum, which were pretty expensive and therefore rare, so it’s assumed whoever “Costello” was he may have had music industry connections. There’s a song in Cousins where Matt Ramsey and his “cousin” Billy Gant start out smoking a joint near the pool, the lyrics have to do with “Let Me See Your Body Move” and I think it’s a terrific song, you can hear the audio only here but the quality’s just so-so:

I think some of the earliest Costello music was either stolen by Midnight Men, Nova Films and others of their ilk in 81/82, because Costello’s not credited in those films but it’s a lot of these same tunes, with or without vocals. How I Got The Story and Shore Leave are two, Michael Christopher’s in both of those and they are the silent ones with nothing but the music, so those are actually the best ones to watch if someone wanted to hear the music in as high quality as it gets. In Members Only and the other Higgins ones, the dialogue, grunts and moans, background traffic and whatever other sounds are all included in the same stereo mix, so the music as a standalone can get muffled.

Saw your note about the Elton John song as well, thanks for thinking of me. Tracking music in porn is like a never-ending jigsaw puzzle, but that doesn’t negate how good it feels to put another couple of pieces together.

And of course I got that wrong, and we can’t edit our comments so I’m just replying to myself, but the Let Me See Your Body Move song from Cousins linked above plays when Matt and the pizza delivery guy Scott Roberts have sex in the pool, not the joint smoking scene with Billy. By the way I think the only other movie Billy was in was The Bigger The Better, the long T-room scene at the end with Shawn McIvan (Brian Hawks) and right after he sucks Doug Weston through the glory hole on the right, Billy (credited as Gregg Stores) slides his long dick under the stall on the left side, and shoots a big load all over Brian’s face.

Quick comment to obsessed, on the off chance you see this. Regarding the music in The Young Olympians which also starred (this) Kurt Williams — it wasn’t by Costello Presley at all, rather credited to Michael Shadow. Either as “Michael Shadow” or just “Shadow” he did the music for at least these films, and likely more:

* Brother Load
* Leo & Lance
* Pleasure Beach
* Printer’s Devils
* The Young Olympians

I don’t know who the singer was in Young Olympians for the song you mentioned, sounds like a woman’s voice. In Pleasure Beach the theme song had vocals by the film’s writer / producer, Richard Lawrence, but the music was credited to Michael Shadow and someone named Samia Dughman.

Hello zephyr, my breath of fresh air – cool and breezy!

Sorry for this VERY late response! But as usual, it’s the same ole mantra! I’m always pressed for time and sleep! But it was very important to me, to let you know that I didn’t forget about you! : )

Responses from you, Johnny-Our Pet-Llama, and Parisian, always get my attention!

Wow, I’m very honored and flattered, that I actually inspired three replies, from you! As you can tell, I really enjoy having my ego stroked. I’m such a pushover, and a whore! LOL!

Thank you also for the inside information, and the audio links – truly appreciate them!

(Are you “zitigraffiti”?)

I was going to correct you about where the song “Let Me See Your Body Move” was played in “Cousins”, but you beat me to, and corrected yourself! I distinctly remembered it! : )

It’s a hot scene with Matt Ramsey and Scott Roberts!

Matt Ramsey was indeed very tradey, but at least he was very anally, receptive! His body was so hot and juicy – a choice hunk of sizzling Canadian man-meat!

During his gay porn period, he was cute as a chipmunk! He’s exactly my age! I don’t feel any emotional connection to him; like I do, for a lot of porn stars, but he certainly did stir my loins! : P

Wow, all these music clips, bring back so many porn memories. I tend to not like music in porn. It’s often pretty intrusive! I very often, turn down the volume. But I actually enjoy the music by Costello Presley. He and William Higgins together, was a perfect match.

The William Higgins films weren’t much in the way of film technique or style, but they made up for it in spontaneity and humor! So many of his films featured so many memorable hotties!

“They call me, the bad boy!” – oh, you nasty boy! : ) : P

Williams pretty much learned on the job. He stumbled his way to creating a distinct California style and look. Thanks for the information about the catchy theme song from “The Young Olympians”.

Since it was used in a Higgins film, I just assumed it was written by Costello Presley. To be more precise about who is singing it, the voice sounds distinctly like a black woman’s voice. I have to check up more about Michael Shadow.

I don’t care what BJ says! I still think that “Make Love to Me” is actually very catchy! To me, it doesn’t drone on and on! As a porn song, it’s pretty effective. : )

I know that Nova Films stole it to use as background for “How I Got the Story”, but the theft actually works! It aligns with the theme of desiring someone who you’re interviewing. : )

“Michael Christopher is all man!”

I knew it was from a William Higgins film, but I couldn’t remember, which one. Now I know it was, “These Bases Are Loaded (1983)”.

I guess William Higgins can’t complain about stealing music from his films, since he regularly did it himself! Porn can be so powerful and corrupting!

Because of it, whenever I hear Rod Stewart’s song “Passion (1980)”, I immediately associate it with the trailer for “Pacific Coast Highway (1981)”. That was the first movie I saw with J.W. King. He has sex in a tree with Steven Richards!

In that same film, there’s a beach scene with Scott Anderson, Jack Burke, and Jeff Hunter. This loop was used for the publication “California Cock”. Higgins stole the disco hit, “I Like, What You’re Doing to Me (1980)” by Young & Company, to use as background!

Whenever I hear the Pointer Sisters’ hit “Happiness (1978)”, I immediately think of Nick Rodgers, Lee Marlin, and Kip Noll, strutting down the Glendale Street in “The Grease Monkeys (1979)”, directed by Mark Aaron.

The song used in this context, during the opening credits, sounds so raw and nasty – lascivious!

“Gotta give me some more!” And over and over again!” “Keep it, keep it, keep it, coming!”

In the trailer for this film, when the Sisters screechingly, harmonize “Mhm, oh yeah, coming!” on the soundtrack, you visually see a cock squirting out – Cumming! : P

I’ve already mentioned before, that the best example for effectively stealing a song for gay porn film was “Navy Blue (1979)”.

The song “Magic Fly (1977)” by the French band, Space, sounds just like it was specifically scored, for the Christmas sequence, involving Jack Wrangler and George Payne! (“Christmas present … Christmas present … Christmas present …”)

I’m sure to bring up more examples, later on zephyr! The list is endless! It’s nice to know that I’m not alone, in my admiration for Kurt Williams! Not the one with the cobra tattoo, though he’s nice too! : )

Thanks again for thinking about me and the effort you made! As I said, I’m very honored and flattered!

The weather and gay porn is hot! But still stay cool and breezy, zephyr!

; )

Obsessed, what a terrific comment, thank you so much. We may be treading on thin ice though, if we were to have extended back and forths via the comment section of BJ’s blog – sometimes I wonder whether he reads all of either of our comments to HIM, especially the extended remix length variety. As much as I enjoy reading what you write (and hopefully vice versa) if this became a thing here I fear we’d inspire BJ to throw both our asses in his blog dungeon, which wouldn’t be nearly as much fun as we might assume. It’d be loads of fun for him because he’s the one administering the punishment (I’m imagining a 144p clip of Divine whining about not getting the right cha-cha heels for Xmas playing on a loop over and over lol) so I’m going to answer some of your points, and invite you to find me on reddit if you want to continue any discussions with me there via private message, where nobody else can see it and we could type back and forth to our hearts content.

Yep that’s my soundcloud account, they’ll give anybody a free one which is what I have, though if you want additional bells and whistles like more upload space or the ability to clean up the audio on uploaded tracks you have to pay them per month. The clips I added there amount to just under half of my allotment so I can add more if I want, I have some ideas in keeping with the vintage porn music theme. But since my yt channel bit the dust last year I wanted to have a place with at least some of Costello’s music as I did before.

It’s an easy assumption to say that William Higgins = Costello Presley, after Higgins started using Costello’s music (and each box cover would say “stereo – featuring Costello”) that was the most likely place to hear his music from 83 through 86 or even later. But some of Higgins earlier films were of the stolen music variety, Boys Of Venice and A Married Man being two early examples, as well as PCH which you cited. A Married Man has some pop music of that time, ELO and Bob Seger etc, plus an extended Kraftwerk segment and the audio from a baseball game that I actually figured out the exact source that is heard during Jack’s sex scene at the end (Monday Night Baseball on ABC, recorded 6/19/1978, Yankees at Red Sox, parts of the 1st and 2nd innings, Keith Jackson / Don Drysdale / Howard Cosell in the booth) (Red Sox went on to win 10-4) (LOL I’m a huge nerd if I take my love of porn music and extend it to audio from a baseball game).

That scene from Cousins with Matt and Scott (once I got the right scene) with the Costello song is great, you’re right that Scott was pretty hot himself, and Matt was equally appealing for both his big dick / cumshots as well as his eagerness to bend over for anybody, which most of the trade, gay for pay big dicked porn stars never did. At least he enjoyed getting fucked on camera before he switched streams and became Peter North for the straight porn world. I love the Let Me See Your Body Move song and wish I could improve the audio, as with a lot of his music. A few of the clips on my soundcloud page have audio that sounds much better, someone had some professional quality enhancements on it and sent me the file, it’s great.

Quick hits: Higgins may have been partially responsible for the death of at least one actor from his 80s films, I’ve heard some rumors about someone from Beyond Hawaii possibly falling to his death from the cliffs where some of the outdoor scenes were filmed … Nova and Midnight Men etc. likely used stolen Costello music the same way they stole other music on a whim (Dormitory Daze is another, in addition to HIGTS and Shore Leave), the first films where Costello was credited and his music was heard seem to be Members Only in 82, then Class Reunion, Cousins, Sailor In The Wild and These Bases Are Loaded in 83 (oh yeah, and Good Times Coming also but uncredited there too) … rumored that Costello may have been Patrick O’Hearn for the early music but unconfirmed, Patrick was in Missing Persons … so many examples of the music in porn that prompted my interest in this, yes it can certainly be obtrusive esp. anything from the last 30 years … Bijou has Led Zeppelin … Closed Set 2 with all the country music … Job Site has Madonna and Laura Branigan songs … Moments In Love by The Art Of Noise from the carwash scene in One In A Billion … finally: there’s a gay porn blog that isn’t updated too much anymore with the word obsessed in the name, is that your space? Also some pics of a hot muscle daddy with a nice dick under ‘self-pics’?? If so VERY nice … OK I’ll end this comment now, always enjoy chatting with you and the other friendly commenters here when I see them (sorry for another long message BJ, lova ya!)

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