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Joe Reeves videography

who you may remember from such films as

  • Big Ones (as Tony Gregory) (1980-ish?)
  • Best Size 18 – (1980-ish?) AMG solo
  • Take It Like a Man from the Huge 1 collection – (1982)
  • Gold Rush Boys (1983)
  • Good Times Keep on Coming from the Good Hot Stuff collection (Buckshot) – (1983)
  • Student Bodies (1983)
  • The Arousers (1984)
  • Boys in Company F. (1984)
  • California Summer (1984)
  • Weekend Action from the The Company We Keep collection – (Buckshot) – (1984)
  • Hard Money aka Mansion (1984) alias Tony Cariso
  • Mind Games (1984)

  • Backyard Boys (1990) ??
  • Ace is the Place – VT-211 (1991) Old Reliable Solos
  • Wrestling 70 – VT-222(1991) Old Reliable
  • The Busboy’s Biceps – VT-262 (1994) Old Reliable

appeared in these publications:

  • HUGE #1 (1982) Falcon Studios
  • COLT CALENDAR MEN #3: Leather (1985)
  • IN TOUCH #137 (Apr 1988)
  • JOCK (May 1988),
  • ADVOCATE MEN (June 1988)
  • OBSESSIONS (June 1988)
  • IN TOUCH #142 (Sept 1988)
  • Colt Studio Presents #4 The Young Colts #1 (1988)
  • JOCK (Oct 1991)
  • INCHES (Dec 1991)

so odd how his film/video career (1982-1984, then 1991 for Old Reliable) doesn’t match his magazine appearances – a HUGE amount of 1988 magazines, but most of his film/video work preceded that by years! I know my list isn’t comprehensive, but wondering where was the disconnect between the 2 formats?

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His resemblance to Christopher Reeve had to have gone into the choosing of his porn name, don’t you think? Loved his scene with Kurt Williams in Gold Rush Boys, but I have no idea why the gaps in the film and print work he was in.

The gaps were probably jail time. He always had a drug problem and was arrested several times for possession/sale of cocaine. Minor amounts so he received county time as opposed to state prison.

Philip-Lorca diCorcia, a photographer, who has exhibited at MoMA and Guggenheim, did a ‘Hustler’ series. Each photo was titled with name of hustler, age, location of photo, and his going rate. There is one from 1990-1992 “Joe Reeves, 37 years old; San Fernando, California; $40.” Can be seen at It’s the same Joe Reeves. Like Tammy Wynette who never gave up her hairdresser license, Joe always had a trade he could fall back on.

What a beautiful man. Thanks for this spotlight of incredible pics. Also, the videography and print work. I remember seeing Joe Reeves in Huge 1, but don’t think of him often.

There was an innocence to him in that scene, almost boyish. Maybe it was the haircut. Then in later photos you see such maturity in his eyes. I think he is under-appreciated.

Bravo, BJ honey – another great post!

I love that you also give attention to smooth, hotties and stud-muffins!

There were quite a few, during the VHS era. I know that you prefer daddies and hunks, especially if they’re hairy. : )

You can’t escape the fact, that the stars in all-male porn became noticeably better looking, with the advent of video.

Wasn’t Joe Reeve/Reeves just gorgeous? – an absolute doll!

It’s obvious that “Joe Reeves” wasn’t his real name.

The first picture is divine! It’s rare to see such a young model, posing in leather for Colt. But Jim French obviously knew what he was doing.

Joe Reeves, reminds me quite a bit of Joe Dallesandro.

He has some of same, slightly hostile glamour, and aloofness, that Little Joe had, when he was young.

No surprise that they both hustled. They both had lean, muscular bodies. I don’t think Reeves had any body fat.

I won’t make any claims that he was a great performer or actor – definitely not a porn divo. But he sure did provide some great eye-candy!

On a visceral level, this can still be rather satisfying, if not scorching, when viewing porn. : )

The 6th and 8th picture, are perfect examples of how important it is, to have the right haircut and style. : /

I think that “Gold Rush Boys” was easily his best film. He and Kurt Williams looked absolutely adorable together! Their scene is so sweet!

Thank you for the fourth picture down! I’ve been trying to find this picture with no luck. This picture below is also nice and hot! They contrast beautifully! Kurt Williams was such a cutie!

I noticed that you’ve never identified the “Kurt Williams”, who had thick eyebrows.

It’s obvious your loyalties lie with the “Kurt Williams”, who had the cobra tattoo. I guess you don’t want your followers to get confused. : (

You notice that just like Toby, Joe Reeves seldom smiled, for the same reason. He also had bad teeth. These two AMG pictures are pretty unflattering!

Here are some more of his AMG pictures, where he posed under the name “Tony Mancaruso”. For some strange reason, Buck Naked mistakes him for Jeff York.

What great followers you have, BJ! Great information provided!

Still, I’m rather saddened by what “Alan” and “buddy” revealed, though I can’t say I’m surprised. : (

When Joe posed for Old Reliable, he looked pretty rough and worn. This is a good warning, as to why one should avoid drugs. They really can disfigure you! Oy! : /

(Click to enlarge :)

Wow, that’s quite a pendulum swing! To go from Colt to AMG to Old Reliable!

The only other porn guy I can think who did this, was Barry Hoffman!

This is probably why queers, so value youth and beauty. They know it’s transitory. : (

Enjoy it while you can!

; )

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