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Steve Anthony

Steve Anthony, who you may remember from such films as:

  • Video Encounters of the Sexual Kind (1983)
  • Hot Stuff (1984)
  • Non-Stop (1984)

and these appearance in men’s periodicals

  • STALLION (Aug 1983)
  • Skinflicks Vol. 4 No. 4 (1984)
  • Mandate (Oct. 1984)
  • HONCHO (August 1985) – cover
  • Night Shaft – cover
  • Blast (1998 publication – mid 80’s photos)
  • (blanks lines held for additional entries)

I may only have seen him in Non-Stop – but what an amazing scene! Steve Collins flies in to NY, crawls into bed with Casey Donovan and his trick, butch stud Steve Anthony. When the two awake, a slow first minute or two of introductions, kissing, groping, leads to a hot all out 3-way, as Steve Anthony is thoroughly appreciated by these two porno pros, Collins and Donovan.

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Steve Anthony was one of those guys I was always getting confused with other hot performers. Or getting their names confused. Probably made worse by him appearing with Steve Collins in Non-stop. They had nothing in common really, other than both being really hot, but I’d mix ’em up. I wish he’d done more. Thanks for this terrific profile!

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