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bear meat weak

OK – so maybe this isn’t even 90’s porn, but 90’s pornstar who let his body hair, (and facial hair!!) grow out, beef up, switch from Falcon to COLT Studios – and looks the better for it

Tom Chase says HAPPY BEAR WEEK!

and we finally added “bear” to the categories…

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He looks good either way to me. I just looked at a lot more on Smutjunkies. What a DICK! But I think I prefer that in the pictures that have it more pink or natural-flesh-coloured on the Smutjunkies page than quite so purplish as here.

Face does improve in some ways with the facial hair, although the thin lips make him even butcher in some ways without it. The long hair definitely looks good.

Love your title. Are you teasing me with the homonyms now?

yeah, the cock here is a bit strained – likely a cockring but the pose, including the footwear, make up for it. That first pic on smutjunkies is AWFUL! Tom may not have the greatest face, but it’s like airbrush meets botox or what I don’t know – the early days he was too preppy-looking, and sometimes the crotch trim was just awful, but he delivered where it counted, and was a decent actor

Yeah, a cock ring, I wouldn’t have thought of that, but that colour I associate with pumping, and god knows he didn’t need it. Also, it doesn’t have that distended look some of the pumpers get (and seem to love.)

I wouldn’t be surprised if I’m not your only reader who discovers him with this post. The 90s were a hell decade for me, and I missed some important things, like this! Merci bien!

From his early twunk days (though there wasn’t a word for that yet) through his transition to beefy hairy daddy, I have always had a hard spot for Mr. Chase.

Okay, BJ honey! You know I love ya, but once again; we’re going to have to agree, to disagree. : (

I’m afraid this applies to you too, mon ami, Parisian! To you I also say, “pardonne-moi”! : (

To be sure, I like Tom Chase. In some cases, I even love him! But with me, he’s either hit or miss.

Sorry, I don’t think this photo is at all flattering! He looks like a fat homeless guy. What’s with the hair? Did he just wake up? Sadly, here in California, the sight of a nude homeless guy isn’t an anomaly. : (

He went through three transformations. I generally prefer him, in his second phase of porn; when he was an exclusive with Falcon Studios.

Yes, all the criticisms against Falcon are totally valid. Too often, they were way too formulaic and glossy!

They very much had, a distinct look and feel, especially during the ‘90s – slick! But you can’t say it didn’t work! Studio head, Chuck Holmes, was on to something!

Tom’s facial features have always been a bit of a problem. : /

As I said about Jeff Stone (another BJ favorite), he has the face of emoji or an emoticon – no there, there!

The mug is pretty nondescript – dark empty eyes, like ink spots placed too close together; a rather bulbous nose, and yes, thin lips.

You’ll also notice that in his first early films, he had a rather long pencil-neck, and a weak chin – pretty geeky!

Men worldwide, I beseech you! Do NOT part your hair in the middle! It looks lame!

(I hope these links work!)×480.jpg

Like Marilyn Monroe, you got to admire his willful determination; to turn himself, into a sex object. Not unlike, Jack Wrangler. I’m guessing his face filled out, due to steroids and working out.

I don’t endorse juicing up, but I have to say, the results were pretty impressive – Wow! : 0

Yes, I know this photo below, is air-brushed. Falcon was notorious for that. In some publicity photos, the models are unrecognizable! Yes, I agree with you BJ, the bush trimming is ridiculous! : /

During this time, most of his films were at least, satisfying! He got to top, some of the most beautiful models of the era – Jeff Austin, Tristan Paris, Akos Matyas, Lane Fuller, Adriano Marquez, Kevin Williams etc.
: P

Of course I’m envious – lucky horn dog! : )

By far, my favorite scene of his is the one he did with Matthew Anders, “High Tide (1997)”! They looked just wonderful together – rapture! The Hawaiian scenery was gorgeous!

Director John Rutherford is also hit- and- miss. But I think this is one of his best – Bravo!

It was quite a surprise to learn that in person, they didn’t actually like each other! Their chemistry seemed like magic!

Usually a top, he famously bottomed for the gorgeous, Mike Branson in “California Kings (1997)”.

Now, PLEASE! PLEASE! PLEASE! Don’t get me wrong! I love “bears”, especially muscle bears!

I’m quite a fan of Anthony Gallo, Tober Brandt, early Brad Kalvo, Riley Mitchell, Bishop Angus, Wade Neff, Trojan Rock, Alex Marte, Dan Rider, Mike Dozer, Colby Jansen, Jesse Jackman, Bronson Gates, Anthony London, Vinnie D’Angelo, Bo Dixon, Eduardo, Jack Radcliffe, Cain Marko, TANK, Roman Wright, Ted Colunga, Aaron Cage, Matthieu Costa, etc.

Print model, Rich McGunn, was just divine!

“Do you know the muffin man?” Well, HERE he is!

(Scroll down, down, down!)

*SIGH* Blake Nolan was also pretty wonderful! (Again, down, down, down!)

Where’s the beef? There’s the beef! : )

As long as a hot guy’s waist isn’t larger than his chest, I’ll still find him desirable! They must also have a round ass and Pecs – neither should be deflated!

The post after this, features the wonderful, Mickey Squires – Teddy Bear! Now there’s a bear, I could get behind – both figuratively and literally! : P

I also love “cubs”! Heath Jordan was adorable! I need to take THIS Teddy Bear to bed! : )

Now in all fairness to Tom, I did enjoy his Colt film, “Open House (2003)”. He didn’t yet look, so severe. Erik Korngold should have made, more films – daddy!

At Atkol Forums, I remember a post claiming Tom looked like Howdy Doody, on steroids! LOL!

I hate that he baked his skin! Porn stars should never tan their hides! Let the moon shine!

No Tom, just no! Oy! Goldilocks would have thrown the porridge at him! : /

Let’s say I tolerated him in “The Big One (2010)”, though I thought he looked awful. : /

Co-star Tim Kelly, is another bear I like, despite his arrest for grand theft! : /

This early picture of him with just some scruff is my favorite glamour shot. I don’t think he’s ever looked as hot! How I wish he would have shaved his facial hair!

Don’t ever believe porn stars when they say they’ll retire! Like Cher and Barbara Streisand, there’s always a comeback!

What happened with Chase could also apply to Zak Spears. Like him, he also worked at Falcon, made a comeback, and also worked for Colt.

The “bear” look doesn’t work for everyone. I loved Spears when he was a “wolf”. But once he became a “bear”, he wasn’t to my taste. Though I always loved his voice!

Just goes to show you, how the standards for Colt were lowered, when John Rutherford took over. Does anyone really find Skye Woods, attractive? : /

Now, everyone’s entitled to think I’m very superficial and shallow! But in my defense, I’m not any more shallow and superficial, as Tom Chase himself! We both were corrupted by porn!

You and your readers, BJ, should check out this 20 minute interview with Tom. It’s utterly fascinating! It explains how and why, he got into porn! Now, I don’t feel so guilty! We all have our tastes!

While everyone’s at it, also check out the 5 minute interview with the always brilliant, informative, and funny, John Waters!

I don’t need to remind you, scroll down, down, down!

I’m surprised you’ve never heard of him, Parisian! He has his own Wikipedia page, which also tells his story. This is great, if you don’t have time for the video interview.

You probably don’t want to see how he looks now! He got tattoos and piercings – Yuck! : /

Oh well, that’s what memories are for! Youth and beauty are transitory, as all queers know! : (

Age is a bitch! It’s simply a fact of life! Like a bear shitting in the woods! : )

; )

jesus! I can’t keep changing the anti-spam filters for # of links in a comment for you!!! and Nooooooo – I do NOT agree to disagree – i totally disagree with that!

and while his performances may have been good for Falcon, some things can’t be forgiven – photoshopping faces? chopped pubic hairlines??? EWWWWWWWWWWW!!! Not a big fan of John Waters, just too, i dunno, too “go to guy” for gay culture – you don’t have to have an opinion on everything!

shaving facial hair??? GOOD LORD, Man!

ok, ok, ok – i got ONE thing we can agree on – don’t tan your ass! jeeeeeesh!

I find John Waters’s moustache to be one of the most freakishly hideous things in all visual history. It’s purposely meant to make you stare until you’re sure what is “lip” and what is not. It’s fucking grotesque, and I saw him once walking about the Village.

I don’t see how Obsessed can say that looks like a “nude homeless man”. Hell, I could even deal with the purplish Prick if it was up my ass.

I generally prefer the modern closely-clipped facial hair or none at all. This picture is an exception, and actually improves his face, which is not bad but a bit banal. Well, thank you, dear, as much as I am impressed at this “new find” (for me, that is), I can’t say I find him so interesting I wish to let him devour precious reading time. Just, you know, if he was around and willing, there’s not a thing I wouldn’t do with him. Faces don’t have to be perfect if other things are (or almost are.) Thanks for providing the plethora of links nevertheless, even though it clogged BJ’s spam filters.

I don’t mind stylized pubic hair sometimes, it can be racy. I used to do it a lot myself.

“Bear” is probably not my Fetish, as I’ve alluded so many times to what smooth types mine are, but in this case he just looks very muscular and in shape. I mean–no, I would choose Rocco Rizzoli way over Tom Chase if I got to choose.

What I loathed about so many of the pumpers was they would develop these big flabby *growths* and couldn’t stop. Guys who get into pumping and silicone usually don’t know when to stop, although lovely effects can be had when they do. I sucked off one yesterday who had gotten his perfectly symmetrical and was just like a huge cock, not some deformity such as some go for. Those things are extremely expensive, often don’t work, and sometimes they take it so far infections occur, and they have to get all of it removed, for just as hefty a bill.

Such a versatile performer. Just my type. I’d take him no matter which look he was sporting, but definitely prefer his beefy, hairy and bearded days. A delicious slab of a man.

Bear week- what an incredible idea. Can I come? Haha.

Also, once again you’ve posted a photo that I’ve never seen before and it’s such a great pic! So thanks for that BJ. And yes, it’s about time for a bear category!! Yay!

I’m so sorry for the late response. I’ll keep saying this ad infinitum – always pressed for time and sleep! : /

Oh my dear, sweet, darling, patient, BJ! Right now, I’m groveling at your feet, begging for your forgiveness! : (


I didn’t realize that changing the spam filters for a certain number of links, involved so much trouble. Believe me, the last thing I want to be to you, is a bother – so sorry! You have every reason to be irritated – my bad! I would never want to take advantage of your generosity, and graciousness! : )

This is YOUR site, so you are the master! I’m ready for my punishment! Do with me, what you will!


I deserve it, because of my negligence! I never lose sight of the fact that you are The Grand Pooba, The Big Kahuna, The Big Enchilada, so I’m always careful, not to abuse my privilege. I’ll be even more careful, in the future.

Let me flagellate myself, “Mea culpa! Mea culpa! Mea culpa!

You know BJ honey, it would help, if you could tell me how many links to a post, I’m allowed. Or would you rather, I didn’t link at all? Is five too many? Go ahead and give me limits, for length and number of links.

I noticed that just a few links, doesn’t seem to be a problem. It doesn’t send a message that your post is being reviewed. Or am I wrong? Am I delusional?


Responding you your wonderful posts is like a party, with great guests! It’s so fun and festive! Not to mention informative, on so many occasions!

You know I like to bloviate – never at a loss for words! When it comes to porn, I feel the need to shove my opinion, down everyone’s throat! I’m not one to just give a thumb up or down! : )

I’m also so visually oriented! My eyes are always hungry for visual stimulation! Finding the perfect image, makes me feel like a kid at school, participating in show and tell!

Not providing pictures to illustrate my point, feels like going to a dinner party (YOUR PARTY), and not bringing desert, flowers, or wine! I don’t want to be empty handed – how rude! : )

To quote singer Al Wilson:

“Oh, show and tell, just a game I play, when I want to say I love you!”

I’m so honored and thankful, that some of your readers appreciate my replies, despite their length!

I’ve made favorites, of a number of them!

Hello Parisian, JohnnyLlama, and zephyr! I’ve got replies to some of your responses! I’ll get to them! Please be patient!

I was so spoiled over at Atkol Forums! I also got quite a reputation for such long posts – so promiscuous, a posting slut! Actually, compared to the ones over there, what I do over here is like short hand! LOL!

It was so fun however! I felt like a magazine editor. This was when Tumblr was in full swing; so many great pictures to look for and pick! I got pretty adept. One guy said I was an artist!

The owner of Atkol Forums, Jeff Satkin, died on March 2017. It may have been the 4th.

He too, was so generous and gracious. He allowed you as many posts as you wanted. The only limit is that they couldn’t be more than I believe 900 characters per post, which included the number in a link.

You could also edit, add, correct, and remove! A message would tell you if you went beyond the limit.

I was as happy and excited as a pig in slop! : )

; )

I hope this is a good idea. I’m going to try and also limit the length of my replies.

Maybe it’s better, if I split them into two posts, by replying to myself, like I’m doing here. Or I can consolidate them over numerous similar themes, like I did with Will Garrett.

I’m even willing to use another profile, with a different alias like “Alpha Hunter” for example, with the understanding, that we’re the same guy.

Would that work? I assume I would have to also use a different e-mail address. It’s a bit of a hassle, but worth considering.

Anyone have any other suggestions?

It’s just that I get so crazy, breathless, and excited. Sorry for the self-indulgence! I don’t like feeling that I left anything out.

Anyway, I’m glad that the links on my original post on Tom Chase, mostly worked. : )

The only exception is the one from Gay Erotic Archives. It’s another beautiful picture from “High Tide” – Tom is fucking Matthew in front of a waterfall. : 0

There’s still a way of viewing it, if you’re interested. I’ve said this before.

Open another tab, copy the link, then put it in the search engine and press enter. The image should pop up. You can then come back to the original tab and click on the link. It should then work since the lock has been opened. : )

I know many disagree with my view of Tom Chase and muscle bears. I still stand by my opinion that he looks awful here. It’s just that I feel such a sense of loss, when I remember how he used to look.

I really think that porn and mainstream stars, should really try to maintain their looks, or at least try to. I really think they owe it to their fans. I know it’s difficult. Life is short. Everyone wants to hang on to beauty, for as long as one can.

My heart sank when porn star Brad Kalvo, let himself go! : (

To think he went from this…

…to this:

Believe me; you don’t want to see how Tom Chase looks now, with the tattoos and piercings. : /

Sorry, I thought for sure, you guys would appreciate the short interview with John Waters. I sure did!

I just thought of two more muscle bears, I should add to my favorites. I know you like ‘80s Brian Adams, BJ. And let’s not forget a more recent example from Mormon Boyz, Kristofer Weston.

The years were good to Mr. Kristofer, though he’s generally a little too kinky, for my taste.

You can check both of them out at SmutJunkies. See, I’m being good!

Peace and love to you all!

As they say, if you can’t be good, be careful!

; )

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