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I don’t know exactly how to describe this, they were the little text boxes that would appear when hovering the cursor over the pics you post here, and you used to use them pretty often at least for a while. Sometimes they would say the name of the guy(s) or film, other times they might just say ‘woof’ or, as with the (sexy) self-portrait you included in this collection, maybe ‘yours truly’ or the like. I’m guessing that it was extra work to include those and I don’t even know if they work the same way on mobile devices (as I only visit you on my old desktop computer) but I can say that it eliminated any uncertainty on these kinds of grab bag posts where you put pics of multiple guys in the same post. Just an observation.

That was on purpose for this post…. not to say I won’t add the “title tags” later. Some are easy to guess, others are from Bear Magazine – thanks for noticing!

I see you have added some of them now, thank you, that was exactly what I was trying to describe. And I guess I thought you had forsaken them now, maybe because they don’t get mentioned too often but they can be quite useful for those of us who might want to know the names of guys or magazines or film titles too. But if it’s kind of a quiz as I guess this post was, I can see why you didn’t want to give away the answers ahead of time.

If you got #9 from reddit good luck trying to ID him now, so many of the posts on the vintage gay pic subs are put there by people who neither know nor particularly care who the guys are (and it gets tiring telling them the answers when you can tell they don’t give a shit and are just reposting stuff they found who knows where). I agree with johnnyllama, I’d love to know who #5 is, with the beer-can thick cock, and the beard, and the beer-can thick cock, and the tit piercings … oh and did I mention the beer-can thick cock? lol Assuming johnny is right and it’s the same guy as was on the cover of Ambush (which looks like a match to me) I agree that the little bit I know about Brush Creek studio, it’s challenging to ID most of those guys (especially the one named wonders).

That second photo–I kept seeing that years ago in old websites and forums … I wonder who that woofy bear was?

Can I answer this BJ?

I believe that is Jack Radcliffe, the daddy bear of all bears. And what an amazing photo that is!

Am I right BJ?

Wow, wow, wow! Bears galore. Such beefy, hairy goodness. I love it all, but I must know who that last man is. His eyes are boring into my soul. And those arms! I feel like I know him, but I’ve forgotten.

Anybody know? BJ?

i downloaded this maybe 6 months ago during my brief dive into REDDIT in the “who is this” category, since I know I had seen him, and knew I could figure it out, and yet, saved on my desktop all this time, could not. I was thinking 1970’s falcon, maybe…… but don’t know

I am still trying to ID some of these random bears. Just can’t let it go!

#8 is obviously Michael Braun from an issue of Stroke magazine, as BJ has kindly added the title tags. But who is that blondie bear with him? And which issue of Stroke?

Sadly, my collection does not include many Stroke issues. Why is that? I do have more of that photo set though. Mr. Braun is adorably sexy in that sailor suit and the other guy starts out in jeans and a flannel shirt. They are frolicking on a fairly convincing public restroom set. But no ID on him yet.

So many questions. But I’m gonna’ figure it out…one day. Right now, I’m gonna’ try to sleep.

Curse you, BJ! (no, not really. JK JK JK)

BJ & Johnny, I don’t know if either of you know the issue number of the Stroke with that pic of Michael Braun or not? I just discovered a website that has Michael’s name as being in “Stroke 14/2” along with the following guys:

Rod Majors, Anthony Gallo, Joe Spears, Zak Spears, Marc Saber, Bull Stanton, Max Stone, Mark Steele, Bulldog, Steve Gibson, Bud, Wolff, Jed Smith, Blue Blake, Ryan Block, Mark West, Grant Larson, Rob Cryston, Al Michone, Peter Bishop, Chip Daniels, Johnny Rahm, Michael Braun, Chris Champion, Kevin Kramer, Cutter West;

Maybe it’s one of these guys who is in that pic with Michael? It’s all part of a long footnote at the bottom of the page, fairly interesting link about Stroke if you want to read it, link below:

Well done, Zephyr!

How did you even find those names in that massive archive document?! I looked at it myself and found it fascinating, but also hard to read. There’s so much there and yet it’s organized in a way that I didn’t find intuitive.

Looking at the names you listed, I was excited to see if maybe one of them was the mysterious blondie bear, but I noticed a problem: I checked, and most, if not all, of those models were active in the 1990s or later. I have to assume we are looking for an issue of Stroke which would have been published during the time that Michael Braun was active in gay porn (1983-1987 according to GEVI).

For a while I was right there with you though! Excellent idea! I think we’re still left with a mystery though.

Thanks for your effort! I appreciate it.

I did a web search (not google, I use ddg) for “michael braun” “stroke” and probably a word like gay or porn at the end, and it was one of only a few hits. I had to control+F on the page to make sure it had Michael’s name, I agree it was hard to make out the info with the formatting but it loanded down at the bottom in that footnote, then I separated out just the issue in question to snag that list of names.

Most of the other names I recognized did seem to be from the 90s, so I was left with two possible explanations. One, maybe they meant Michael Brawn with a W, who was himself more of a 90s star (I’ve had a pic of Brawn with a whistle around his neck that used to stump me to no end). Or two, by the 90s and 00s sometimes magazines would have a “flashback” section of by-then-already-vintage pics somewhere, which had me thinking they did mean Michael Braun, and the other guy’s name is in that list too. Could be?

I have a few issues of Stroke, I did love the glossy paper and even though they were more expensive, there were always boners and penetration shots, as opposed to Inches, Torso etc. which eventually had some of that kind of content but always tried to keep it more rated R than X. They always had a confusing number system though and some of them I never did find a date the magaziine was printed. Maybe this is a swing and a miss, maybe the clue might lead to the answer. I thought the Christopher who wrote his experience of working for the magazine was interesting, glad you did too.

Yes, the whistle! There were several of them with the whistle. And the background was kind of a wicker shade. I think that was part of series of promotional pics by Catalina. I don’t know which video they were associated with though, if any. Maybe Juice Bomb?

Regarding Stroke: You make excellent points. I had similar thoughts about it being a flashback feature or Michael Brawn. And you’re right that they only used Volume No/Issue No on their covers. The few Stroke issues I have don’t have a date. I wish there was more to go on.

I just want to know more about Stroke magazine now. Smutjunkies/GEA doesn’t cover it at all. Other than what you found, I’m not aware of a source with info about Stroke. I’m gonna’ keep looking though because you’ve piqued my interest!

Ooh ooh ooh! I found it…sort of. I found the cover of the issue with Michael Braun & blondie bear. Apparently, it was Stroke Vol3 No4 from 1984 (assuming this source was correct). I hope this link works:

Still don’t have a name for Blondie Bear, but the search continues! If we don’t ever ID him, I’m just gonna’ keep calling him Blondie Bear!

Seems likely then that issue 14/2 mentioned on my earlier link meant to say Michael BraWn, which is in line with most of the other names. (BJ just did a post about Brawn not long ago, with the pic of him in a harness holding a pool cue). Great job finding the cover with sailor Braun which has to be a match with BJ’s pic, and is from much earlier as you assumed so it’s contemporary with when Braun was making films. In addition to not listing dates clearly, the couple of issues of Stroke I have don’t always name the guys they show either, so Blondie Bear works for me. Thanks johnny.

yes! seems i am late to the party – but yes, STROKE 3/4 – STROKE was notorious for never identifying models, and for re-using pics, photo-sessions, etc – its possible that both 3/4 and 14/2 are the same pics – I’d have to check my archives but scans of STROKE are often of poor quality, as the thickness of the magazine makes its hard to pay flat on a scanner. My scans are mostly from eBay, and a few issues that I sold off there.

URINAL LUST is the name of the (6 or 7 page) spread – gulp!

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